Razor Scooter- Perfect for Fall!

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Now is the time to raise to your feet, grab your wheels, and hit the road/driveway/park. Fall is a great season to go out and have fun! The summer heat is over, the winter cold isn’t here, and the leaves will start changing any day to reveal a cascade of colors and patterns everywhere you look. Walking also works, but I know kids prefer their transportation involve wheels, bikes and scooters.

Razor scooter has a great line of products, for kids of all ages and heights. Little Man is learning how to ride his bike, but for now nothing beats the ease of zipping around on a scooter. He especially likes the ability to go as fast, or slow as he likes. Little Man can be very cautious some days, and as adventurous as a cat others.

There is a very important point I must make before going any further safety. Please be sure to get a helmet and pads before putting your kids on anything with wheels, scooter, bike, skateboard, hover board, spaceship, etc. A trip to the bathroom for a band aid is a lot better than a trip to the hospital for a fracture or cracked anything. Razor makes helmets, as you can see- available in many sizes, shapes, and colors (even toddlers).

Razor Scooters have been around since 2000. When releasing its A model of scooter, this scooter sold approximately 5 million units in 6 months. Since 2000 Razor has made electric scooters, ride on mini motorcycles and even a Ripstik which is a kind of surf board/skateboard. Razor has always reinvented the art of outside fun in new and exciting ways.

This is the perfect size for my son. And of course, he wears protective helmet (also by Razor) and padding just in case, to keep him safe. He loves to scoot over to the park to play for a while, the ride on home. Nothing beats a great day of play on a Razor scooter.


  1. Thanks for sharing this informative post!!

  2. Loved your review. We gace a razor scooter and though it’s my daughters I like to sometimes forget I am a grown up and take it for a spin!

  3. Razor Scooters are really fun to go to the park with they are so light and don’t take up so much room..cute pic of your little one.

  4. These scooter are so much fun to zip around the neighborhood in.

  5. Too cute. My kids have had razors forever and actually still use them.

  6. my kids both have these and they love them. We have been using them for a few years and they really hold up to wear and tear well!

  7. My kids have one of these. They love it.

  8. Your little guy looks so cute on his scooter!

  9. oh we just got a razor scooter. we can’t wait to try it out too!

  10. jadelouisedesigns1 says

    We just got some of these for our boys! They are outside ALL the time now, riding their scooters! Man I should have gotten these at the beginning of the summer! lol. I love that they make my kids so happy and so physically active.

  11. I bet that my son would love this!

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