The Lorax- Now on DVD

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The Lorax is a heart warming story by Dr. Seuss. In true Dr. Seuss fashion, the story is full of colorful creatures and characters- but this is not the best part of a Dr. Seuss story. The best part is always the ability to weave these incredible fanciful locations and ideas with more domestic thoughts and ideas. The theme of the Lorax is environmental protection.

The story follows Ted on his adventures to win over his girl, in the process of winning her over he meets the Lorax and shares and incredible adventure with him as the Lorax tries ot help the tries. There is a stellar cast lending their voices as well which includes, Danny Devito, Zac Efron, Taylor Swift, and even Betty White. If the animation and feel of the movie looks familiar it is because its made by the creators of Dispicable Me. Also included with the bluray of the film are 3 new shorts, Seranade, Wagons Ho and Forces of NAture all of which are well worth the price of admission.



  1. I accidentally told my son that the Lorax was in our Blockbuster at Home queue and he has been hounding me all week. The mailman finally brought it two nights ago and he has had a blast since then.

  2. This movie is super cute! My son loves to sing the Let It Grow song. I like that its about one person being able to change the world with determination and a few friends 🙂

  3. It’s a cute movie! I bought it as soon as it came to DVD. It’s one of my 3-year-old’s favorite stories!


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