Whats for Supper? A New Southern Living CookBook

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Making dinner can be both one of the most rewarding and at the same time the most tedious parts of the day. Reason being, a good meal on a Tuesday brings smiles to everyone’s face. But an ok one is simply ok, nothing special, just another meal. And we all get stuck in ruts from time to time, right?

For those of us who deal with this not so unique situation, there is a solution in the form of a new book by Southern Living- Whats for Supper: 30-Minute Meals Everyone Will Love. This book is written by Vanessa McNeil Rocchio, and is based upon the popular column in Southern Living magazine. It is packed with over 250 recipes which are all quick, easy, and home made. The recipes are broken up into various categories: from know by heart, which are either destined to be family favorites or will be family favorites with a touch of tweaking- for company, which will serve many and actually give you time to enjoy your friends and family instead of sweating in front of an oven- healthy, which are good for your taste buds and your body, and of course, kid favorites, which will get even the pickiest of eaters to gobble up every bite.

You may be asking yourself what kind of recipes can be expected in this book? Not just Southern favorites like fried chicken and shrimp and grits but also calzone and even chicken cacciatore. There are tips and hints, which are always helpful to cooks of all experience levels from the experts to the newbies.



  1. 30 minute meals sound fantastic to this busy Mom! Thanks!

  2. I want this! That like to find different things to make, but I have an under 30 minute requirment lol Mama just don’t have the time 😉

  3. Um, since I am always trying to figure out what is for supper I need this!

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