5 Great Family Winter Vacation Ideas

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Winter is a great time to take advantage of the season and get your family into an environment that it’s never experienced before or doesn’t get to experience very often. Wintertime is a great opportunity to use some of those vacation days and spend your time snuggling up with those that are the most important to you as the days get colder and shorter at the same time. Vacation is a blast when you’re making the best of your cold temperatures, and we’ll talk about some of the best ideas for you and your family when you see that it’s starting to get colder out. It’s easier than you might have thought to get a great vacation out of the coldest time of the year!

1. The Cabin in the Woods. Perhaps the most classic winter vacation idea, you can always go with the good, old-fashioned cabin in the woods. There are plenty of locations that will make cabin rentals an easy reality when you and your family want to get out, and a low-tech vacation experience is a great way to bond with those to whom you’re closest. You can go as modern or as rustic as you want — your cabin can be equipped with modern amenities, or you can try and have a screen-free weekend with a deck of cards and a few good books. The possibilities are endless when you’ve got your very own cabin in the snow for a week or so.

2. New York City! The city that never sleeps is a blast during the winter, and the closer you go to Christmas, the more festive and interesting things have a tendency to be. From Rockefeller center to Times Square, New York City is absolutely full to the brim of new and exciting experiences for those who haven’t been there, and winter is one of the most exciting times to experience one of the most exciting cities in the world.

3. Find the Coast. Make your way to either coast if you’re looking for some fun diversions during the winter. If you don’t already live on the East or West coasts, you might be able to ditch some drastically cold temperatures in favor of the more laid-back climates found in places like Florida or California, and both have a ton of attractions, theme parks, and other great stuff to do. If your idea of a pleasant winter is as simple as being able to get by in jeans and a T-shirt outdoors, then a place like Southern California or Florida will delight you.

4. Migrate South! You can always leave the country in favor of having basically no winter at all while you vacation. Ditching the season entirely is always perfectly acceptable, and there are plenty of places you can head to shrug off that winter chill. The caribbean, Australia, and a variety of other places will find you not dealing with winter at all.

5. The Ski Resort. You can also always embrace winter fully, and go for the ski resort idea. Get better at snowboarding or skiing, and spend some time in the snow with full amenities. Use the internet to find the best winter resort reviews and spend those colder months in serious style.


  1. These all sound great!

  2. We live in Texas also and we don’t really travel in the winter. It’s too cold everywhere else LOL!

  3. Why you don’t have to go as far as the Caribbean, just slide on down to my corner of Texas! 😉

    Great tips! 🙂

  4. We are heading to the mountains to see the snow!

  5. Great ideas! I almost forget that you can vacation in winter, haha. I’m sure it’s probably cheaper that time of year because there is less demand.

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