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Bedtime in our house is an ever evolving ballet of movement, slowly running down to Little Man sleeping. This ballet has always had a few main components-

1)bathroom visit



4)bathroom visit


The initial bathroom visit is supposed to be the only one, before bed but usually isn’t. This visit includes teeth brushing,face washing and a use of the facilities. This is very important especially in potty training. Initially there is resistance in this step because this signifies the end of the day and the beginning of bedtime. With a few fun thing thrown in this step could be made allot more enjoyable for all involved. Take a look at PULL-UPS Night*Time Glow in the Dark . These diapers will glow in the dark after half a minute of light exposure and come in some cool character designs like Disney Princess and Lightning McQueen from Cars. Little Man loves anything Cars, especially Lightning. There are also coupons available which start at $1 value but can build up to $2 if you share the offer with friends and family. A nifty contest to win a $100 Walmart gift card is also going on right now so make sure you check that out.

Step two usually goes better then step one and starts the soothing process, little man loves music and as the saying goes, ‘music soothes the savage beast’. Even if that savage beast is only a little guy who doesn’t really want to go to bed.

The story before bed is also mandatory and involves a story from a book and a story made up on the fly with characters of Little Man’s picking. One of which is always himself and of recent Humpty Dumpty and Beanie the little giant. After the stories are all done there is a kiss and hug before sleep time. Of course right before the door is closed, there is the, “I haf to make pee pee”, which is usually a little trickle but is necessary especially with little man or younger ones still potty training. Why would anyone want to say, ‘No you can’t go to the bathroom’, even if you are pretty sure it is an excuse to stretch out awake time by a few more minutes and getting one more good night kiss and hug.

Of course all this ends with sleep…eventually. Sometimes sooner then others, but always an intricate ballet of stories, songs, affection and tooth paste.

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