Dreamworks How To Train Your Dragon Live Spectacular

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When I first heard about the live performance of How to Train Your Dragon it sounded interesting, but boy was I in for a surprise. The show is a spectacular combination of music and sights, for both adults and kids to enjoy. The show is filled with wonders, such as the combination of live action and video. One part of the show was created to look like the actor is running along a path- but in reality it was an actor running through projected and real scenery while hanging perpendicular to the screen, then all about the stage (and wall) area. The dragons were amazing, the robotics involved to make these creatures move, roar, shoot fire or lasers is truly fantastic. Shadow dragons flying above or shooting fire completed the effect, along with pyrotechnics that shot flames and tied it all together.

The pre-show Hero’s Welcome package was a great idea. The package included all of us getting dressed up as vikings for a posed picture, then meeting the main human characters (Astrid and Hiccup) for photos and Dragon Training Certifications. After the show, they had an explanation of how things worked. Pretty in Pink had to take her certificate for show and tell in school, so that she could show everyone that she is now a Dragon Trainer (she was so proud). Little Man was absolutely aglow from the idea that he was a viking and he had a chance to hold a sword and a shield. He also wanted to hug all the dragons- so no worries that they will be too scary for your little ones.

The story line was a great adaptation from the original movie with some slight changes, but the changes work well within the theatrical performance. The actors were fun, the sounds were loud enough to create the feel of fighting and fire- but not loud enough to frighten the kids. The pyrotechnics were surprising and very well incorporated into the story plot. The actual flying of the dragons was absolutely amazing. The show moves in a manner were the adults did not notice the time just flying by, while also keeping the kids engrossed in the action, so there was very little fidgeting in the seats or boredom. The facial features of the dragons are also worth noting- they are incredibly lifelike. I was really surprised at how much they looked like their animated counterparts, and they really showed emotion.

After the show, the kids (ages 5 and 3 1/2) were discussing the show and it was interesting to hear that they could not find a part which they did not like. However, the kids did say that their favorite part of the show was “when the dragons were flying and shooting fire.” As an adult, I found myself having several favorite parts: I liked the fact that if you did not notice how the dragons were mounted to pedestals then you could believe that they walked or flew on their own. The interplay between actor and robot (dragon) was very well orchestrated. The way they portrayed the Hiccup’s drawings throughout the performance was impressive. When the actor was drawing on paper, the projection relayed a sense of ideas flying out of his head unto paper.

At the end of the evening and during the retelling of what I had experienced, I found myself saying that I wish I could see this one again. I guess we are all kids, sometimes. Don’t miss this one- get your tickets here.


  1. My kids LOVED the books (okay I admit I liked the book on tape we listened to during our vacation car ride too!). Nice pics!

  2. Awe! Too Cute!

  3. Looks like some fun memories were created.

  4. How fun!!! Now I want to go 🙂 my kids would have loved this!

  5. Just from the pictures, I’m really impressed by the props!

  6. Everyone needs a viking in their family! Looks like a fun show.

  7. What a fun show! Love the viking outfit on little man!!! Adorable!

  8. Oh wow the show sounds amazing. I had saw this was coming to my area but didn’t think my girls would want to go. I think I will have to take them now! Great review!

  9. This looks like a good show..cute pics of your little guys. I would love to go and take my son even though he is 9 I think he would still love to go. Thanks for the review.

  10. This show is coming to my area in about a month. My son just heard the advertisement for it today and is so excited he can’t hardly stand it. I am hoping I have the moolah to take him, especially after reading your review!

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