Rufus the Red Monkey – Monkeez Make a Difference #SockMonkey

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We are always looking for ways for Little Man to be able to express his more sensitive side. The Little guy wants to help everyone possible all the time, and an important part of helping others is getting that feeling of actually helping. This can be in the form of meeting someone new, a smiling face, or even a heartfelt thank you. Yes, I know you can’t do something philanthropic for the reason of getting recognized for doing it- that is just wrong. But it’s nice to hear “thank you”, isn’t it? Especially for a child who is learning to express himself, social awareness, and care for others as he does himself.

We are also huge fans of companies (big or small) who try to make the world a better place then they found it. The creators of Monkeez and Friends are one of those companies. The idea behind their newest line of toys Monkeez Makes a Difference is to teach kids how to help others in different ways while still having fun and enjoying yourself. Getting recognized for helping, being generous and sharing. The way they do this is through codes included with their toys which can be used by your child to donate 10% of the wholesale cost of goods to the charity that your their choice. After watching three short videos your child then selects which of the three foundations the funds will be donated to. This not only shows your child exactly how they are helping someone else but also that every little bit helps and adds up if everyone pitches in.

The toys themselves are well put together and very hugable. Little Man has been on a ‘classic’ toy kick, where all the classics are incredibly awesome to him, so he was instantly drawn to the sock monkey designs and absolutely loves Rufus, the red monkey. Rufus has magnets in his feet and hands which make him perfect for hugs of just to ‘hang out’ on door knobs or bed posts.

This is a perfect gift for any child this holiday season, or for birthdays. Give an adorable gift, available in many colors, sizes, and even other animals- and the gift itself gives back.



  1. What a cute idea!

  2. Sock Monkeys are so cute. I had one as a child. Love the great cause!

  3. Sock Monkeys are so cute. I had one when I was young. Love that it is for a great cause!

  4. Such a cute sock monkey..your little guy seems to be enjoying his toy as well.

  5. That monkey is super cute! And I love that it’s for such a great cause.

  6. I love the message with this toy. Sock monkeys are always a great choice as well!

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