The Wot Wots- Cute Plush Toy Review #GiftGuide

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package waiting to surprise Little Man

The Wot Wots are taking the country by storm. Or rather they should be- The Wot Wots are cute little aliens who explore and discover with a sense of good and love, while also being creative and forgiving, being curious about their surroundings and constantly learning and having fun. All around wonderful role models- and funny for kiddos.

There are 2 Wot Wots- Dotty Wot, the pilot of the ship who is patient and supportive, and Spotty Wot, who is impulsive and enthusiastic, but considerate and artistic. He is the ships mechanic. The ship itself is a steam powered space ship, which is interesting as well. The Wot Wots’ main mode of transportation are their hover chairs, which float around and get them as close as possible to all kinds of animals. The Wot Wot’s ship once landed in a zoo where they explore and learn.

The Wot Wots come from New Zealand, where there are 78 episodes available- all of which are great fun to watch. The show is now on The Hub, with the likes of Jem and Fraggle Rock (they even resemble Fraggles). There is live footage, mostly of animals and the zoo. But the Wot Wots themselves are CGI. The CGI is so good the Wot Wots look just like soft plush toys flying about, thus making them the perfect inspiration for plush toys. The show itself was created by Weta Workshop, the same company responsible for the CGI in Lord of The Rings, but I promise you there is no Mordor or dragons here, only cute animals (and Wot Wots, of course). After having a child, the creators of the Wot Wots decided it was time to switch gears from high action explosions and special effects dripping reality to fun filled children’s television of the same quality as a blockbuster movie, and also sprinkle in some values.

The plush are put together nicely and are just the right size for bed time and hugs. Little Man loves aliens and unique stuffies, and the Wot Wots fit perfectly for him. His sense of wonder with animals and art are also shared with the Wot Wots, which of course make the Wot Wots perfect traveling companions, such as on our recent trip to the Catskills in upstate NY, as well as the daily “adventures of the super market, restaurants, or to an amusement park. Ah, Little Man.



  1. So cute! My kids would love this show and these adorable plush dolls!

  2. Oh, how cute are those? I think I know a few young kids that would love Wot Wots.

  3. Those are adorable!

  4. Oh, those are so cute and it looks like your little guy likes them! I’ll have to check them out for my youngest!

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