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When you have a baby, you know that you always have items that you have to bring along. And, if you’re like me, you also have to bring your own blanket or playmat, so they have something to play on, and aren’t on someone’s ‘dirty’ floor or what not. I was lucky enough to be able to review the Toy Nanny, a bag to carry everything in, as well as the playmat you need for your baby to play on!

About the Toy Nanny:

The most ingenious creation to hit the baby world since disposable diapers! This cozy floor blanket quickly and easily cinches up into a smart toy tote for on-the-go moms. Transporting toys from grandma’s, to play dates, to the back yard has never been easier.


  • 8 mesh pockets
  • Soft, velour interior
  • Water resistant backing
  • Machine Washable
  • Converts into a tote
~It is available in 5 vintage-inspired patterns: Chevron Stripes, Grey Damask, Peacock Mum, Pink Lemonade, and Owl Dots
****The Toy Nanny has been so popular, that it recently was even featured as a must-have for mom pick by Ali Landry on Zulilly.
My Thoughts:
I was very impressed with the Toy Nanny. This really is the perfect solution for the mom on the go. It was SO nice to be able to let my daughter play, and then when I was done and ready to go I just was able to cinch up the bag, throw it on my shoulder and head out the door. I was really liked the little pockets on the inside as well, because you can easily put things in it as needed to keep it in a certain area.
The inside material is extremely soft, so no matter the size/age of your child it works out perfectly for them to play on or even lay on. The design and print of the Toy Nanny is a perfect combination. I love the style!
When it is time to go, it is very easy for you to just since up the sides and enclose any items that were being used on the inside of it.
I am greatly looking forward to the ease of the Toy Nanny as we are getting ready to make our holiday travels in the next few weeks! I know that it will be so nice to use, and won’t take up much space at all.
2 Red Hens
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