Mystixx Vampire Doll Review

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This is Kalani! She is a doll that transforms from a vampire into a school girl just by turning her head! In addition to Kalani, there are also 3 other dolls that you can get: Talin, Silva, or Azra.

All of the dolls have different personalities that focus on characteristics, like confidence, compassion, competiveness, and intelligence. The storyline says that the girls are all from different backgrounds, and they have recently started going to a new school together.

I received Kalani. Although my daughter is a little young for the vampires and such, she thought that it was pretty cool that the doll had 2 faces, as well as 2 sets of clothes. The wigs are also a lot of fun for her to play with.

I think that she enjoys playing with the doll, but more importantly she really enjoys changing the doll up, between faces, wigs, clothes, etc. She always has a new look with her doll!

I personally think that the dolls is pretty neat. When I was younger, I never would have imagined playing with Vampires, but that really is the ‘thing’ right now! I didn’t really talk to my daughter about why the doll had 2 sets of everything, but she really did like it!

The doll does have 2 distinct faces, 2 completely different outfits, 2 interchangeable wigs, 2 pairs of shoes, and accessories. You can get the doll for only $19.99.

Danielle received The Mystixx Vampire Doll Kalani, in order to facilitate her review. All opinions are her own and honest. Please see “Disclose” tab for more info.


  1. LOl….how did you know I was looking for an idea for my niece?

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