5 Money Saving Tips for Moms

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One news story that caught a lot of people’s attention last year was the one that talked about
how much it costs to raise a child. If you didn’t happen to see it, the total amount from ages 1-17 is
approximately $325,000. That’s definitely a lot of money and so we totally get why you, as a mom,
would be on the constant search for any money saving tips that you can find in order to make your
dollars stretch just as far as possible.

teach kids about moneyIf you’re currently looking for some money saving tips, we have five that are sure to make
your “financial side of life” much easier so that your daily parenting responsibilities can be just as stress-
free as possible.

Eat out less. There are a lot of moms who make it a point to cook dinner every
night, but sometimes breakfast or lunch (especially when you have young kids and you’re out running
errands with them in tow) can be a bit of a toss-up. While you may prefer for them to have a home-
cooked meal, sometimes it’s simply easier to roll through the drive-thru. However, not only is that not
the healthiest option, but if you keep your receipts, it can start to add up. Instead, take a cooler with

some yogurt, fruit and sandwiches in it. It’s convenient, cheaper and better for their bodies.

Get creative with childcare. Currently, the going rate for child care averages out to
be $150 per week, which is $600 per month. If you are a work-at-home mom and you have some other
friends or neighbors who are as well, talk to them about arranging different days when you all can watch
each other’s children. That way, you can keep that money in your pocket and also have your children
around individuals that you totally trust.

Use coupons. There are millions of dollars in savings that still continue to go
overlooked with every passing year. Whether it’s food at the grocery store or clothes and electronics
online, there is access to all kinds of coupons and promo codes.

Put yourself on a budget. A lot of times we find ourselves in a financial bind
simply because we don’t make a plan for how to spend our money.

One way to avoid this is to create a budget for yourself each week and only go to the ATM to withdraw
that amount. Once the money is spent, don’t look at it like “That’s OK, I’ll just get more.” Instead
decide “Well, I don’t have any more money to spend this week. I’ll just have to wait.”

Find “fun and free” things to do. Certain activities like going to the zoo or a local
sports center, you’ll have to pay an admission fee for. But don’t forget about having a picnic in the park,
making arts & crafts or having some of your children’s friends (and their parents) over for a playdate.
With a little creativity, you can come up with all kinds of things that are just as fun, but are also totally


  1. Great tips! I find it so difficult to stay on a budget!!! I agree that you can curb quite a bit by eating out and Daniel is right when he talks about the health issues and knowing what your family is eating!

  2. Nice post Sam
    I’m more concerned about the health aspect of “eating out.”
    It’s no secret that obesity is becoming a bigger and bigger problem (hehe – had to laugh).
    What I’ve seen many parents do and I think is a good idea, is to get your children involved in the kitchen.
    Let them chop this up and do that.
    That way it relieves some of the time pressure.
    You’re then spending time with your child (on average, an American man spends 7 minutes a day with his child, and a woman 14 minutes), eating a healthy meal, and sharing the load.

  3. Samantha,

    Great tips! I know when you have a family that eating out can be a HUGE expense. It can even be difficult to cook at home. We generally “try” to plan out the week every Sunday and do the shopping for the week. If we do decide to go out to eat we have already budgeted this in and “try” to find coupons to our favorite restaurants.

    Aaron Brinker aka DadBlunders

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