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With all the allergy issues plaguing us humans of recent, one of the most annoying would have to be a gluten allergy. This allergy cuts out most pasts, breads, and even cereal and crackers. This would make me very, very unhappy as bread and bagels are a staple to my diet. There is a glimmer of hope in the form of Udi’s Gluten free baked goods.


Udi’s as been around since 1994 but didn’t actually make their first loaf of gluten free bread until 2008. Soon after which a local celiac group in Colorado gave the bread a try and they never turned back. The bread was a hit and exploded in popularity from there. As of 2012 they are the market leader in Gluten Free products, and for good reason. Their products are delicious.

I hope you noticed the wording of the previous sentence, there is no “delicious”… for a gluten free product. Right? It is delicious, period. Most gluten free products are sub par and frankly, just gross when compared to glutenous bread and baked goods, but Udi’s stands high above them all. If I wasn’t told it the sliced bread was gluten free I wouldn’t be able to tell. The taste, bite, texture and feel are all really good and a wonderful addition to the bread basket. A welcome addition to the sandwich arsenal.

Udi's Gluten Free

Before discovering Udi’s gluten free products, my thoughts on going gluten free were that all GF products are completely gross and mushy bread, pasta, cookies, muffins, etc. It would be horrible and just about impossible. For the simple reason of gluten free baked goods are not good. Udi’s changed that perception completely. I could very easily see going gluten free with Udi’s as my gluten alternative.

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  1. There stuff is really good!

  2. We LOVE Udis! My husband is addicted to their cookies.

  3. Everything looks yummy- My eyes are looking at those cookies. 🙂 I have to try them out. thanks for sharing.

  4. Looks tasty. This would be good for my sister who is gluten free.

  5. This look really good. I’m glad that I don’t have a problem with gluten but it’s always nice to have things around like this for guests.

  6. my mother in law has celiac disease and is seriously missing bread products. I will have to mention these to her!

  7. Mmm their muffins look delish!

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