A Monster in Paris! New Film Coming to 3D BD and DVD on 4/16

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Meet Lucille, Francoeur, Raoul and the other stars of A Monster in Paris! In celebration of this great film coming to 3D BD and DVD on 4/16 check out this cute character slideshow.

a monster in paris


  1. I.can’t.wait. I absolutely love animated films. I take my kids along for cover, and a Monster in Paris sounds like so much fun. It will be a good early Friday Feat for me and the little ones.

  2. I haven’t heard of this one yet, looks good though.

  3. Haven’t really heard of this one, but it looks cute!

  4. I love new movies for kids but alot of times the new releases are just mind numbing. Wonder if this one will be good!

  5. Cute slideshow! Have you seen the movie yet??

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