Maximize Storage Space in Your Home

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It’s tough to face the facts sometimes, but the vast majority of us are pack rats in some way or another. We may not hoard items on a scale alarming enough to get us on TV, but we all accumulate things we don’t need and build sentimental attachments to them. Whether we realize it or not, we have tons of junk in our homes, and it’s dragging us down. In order to make the most of your home living space, it’s important to get rid of clutter and organize. This can seem like a monumental task, but taking it step by step will make it much easier.

declutter your homeStart by organizing. If you store things in every single nook and cranny available,
clean them out and decide what you actually need to keep. Then do the same to your
storage rooms. The better organized your storage rooms are, the more space you’ll have
for storage. Disorganization takes up a lot more room than you might think. The same
applies to your garage. If you just throw everything you don’t want to deal with right now
out there, that stuff will start taking over. Go crazy with plastic storage bins and a label
maker to keep yourself organized. If you have shelves and predetermined areas for
everything, your house will stay clutter-free.

One option if you just don’t have enough room in the house for everything is to buy
a small shed or storage unit that you can put in your backyard. It would be a great place
to store that stuff you don’t need very often, like holiday decorations and keepsakes.
They come in wood and metal composites and in every size you could need. Sheds
are relatively inexpensive and there are ones that would fit most budgets with prices
anywhere from about $500 to $1,500. This would be a quick and easy way to provide
more storage with little effort.

Don’t forget about the space above your head and at your feet. For bedrooms, you
could use under the bed to store extra stuff. You could use the space below the couch
to store extra pillows, blankets, or even movies and CDs. Have shelving installed toward
the ceiling of your garage or storage rooms. This would be a great option for an office,
too. Items you don’t need as often will find a perfect home tucked away above your
head. Don’t discount your walls potential for storage space, either. If you have a blank
wall, cover it with shelves. Freestanding ones would work but if you don’t want them to
take up as much room, consider installing shelves directly into your walls to create more

If you can afford it, another option would be renting out a storage unit. These come
in a range of prices and sizes. The smaller ones won’t cost you too much each month
and might be worth the cost if you just don’t have enough space in your house for your
family and everyone’s stuff. Even if it’s just a temporary way to lighten your load, a
storage unit will help you prioritize what you want to keep and what you could get rid
of. To save even more money on this option, you can look online for a public storage couponor promotional code. Six months to clean and organize your house while stuff sits in storage wouldn’t cost a fortune and open up space immediately in your house.

With a little money and creative thinking, you’ll be able to turn your extra rooms into
the ultimate storage spaces.


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