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ZzzQuil is a new sleep aid made by the makes of Vicks NyQuil. The difference between ZzzQuil and NyQuil is, ZzzQuil is only to help with sleep. There is no medication for colds or congestion here, only the sleep aid, diphenhydramine HCl. This particular medication helps to reduce the time it takes to fall asleep. Instead of tossing and turning hoping to fall asleep as quickly as possible ZzzQuil lets you drift into sleep easily.

Falling asleep can be so difficult with a world that won’t stop spinning and a day that just doesn’t seem to be long enough. A good night’s sleep is what we all need, yet is unattainable for many of us, me included. I have tried a few other over the counter sleep aids in the past but have been unimpressed. Honestly, NyQuil has always worked best, but I would be afraid to use it in any situations other then those where I was sick. ZzzQuil fills in during those times when I am not sick yet still need some help sleeping. The only drawback being I was a bit groggy in the morning, but this wore off pretty quickly. After this initial grogginess the day went much easier, its amazing what a good night’s sleep will do for you.

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The bottle does look very similar to NyQuil so you will want to keep them in two different areas of the medicine cabinet. Taking one instead of the other would not be very helpful, with either over medication or under medication. The taste is also decent in terms of medicine, not something you’d get a craving for but also not something that is so offensive it can’t be swallowed. I like how ZzzQuil is available in both pill and liquid form. Each with its own advantages. The pills perfect for travel and packing, the liquid perfect for when you need to fall asleep now.

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