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Family travel has its own unique luggage requirements, this means packing extra items most of the time. Always pack extra underwear/shirt/pants for your little ones, maybe even two extras if they are on a particularly messy couple of days. But all these extras are going to be put where? Luggage space is a commodity, and a good packer can make it fit without breaking any of it.


Realizing what you are packing for is the first step. Is this a flight, a car ride, or a hike? Flights can be interesting because weight is a concern as well as the number of bags one is able to bring as checked baggage and carry on luggage. Car travel makes trunk space the area of concern. Luggage, snacks, drinks, car toys, and distractions all need to fit in that trunk and backseat. Hiking narrows it down even more, a backpack. This backpack is your comrade in your quest for mother nature and enjoyment, so only the best will do.

All of these packing needs have one thing in common- luggage. When picking your luggage, you must find a high quality, durable, perfect sized bag. You can find lots of options at eBags. I like the new Mother Lode TLS Weekender Convertible. This is a carry on luggage piece, which converts into a backpack. The piece conforms to aircraft carry on dimensions, while it also has a ton of zippers and compartments for paperwork, quick access items, little pouches and organizers for all your needs. This piece (when not expanded) is about the size of a hiking backpack, but not as tall. This makes it perfect for hiking as well as aircraft travel.


The compartments of the TLS include a secret laptop area, which is completely separate from the clothing/packing area. This laptop pouch is good at keeping your computer from getting knocked about and also keeps it easily accessible. The clothing/packing compartment has a few interesting components as well like a small fabric shelf to divide of the are and keep ally your stuff from smooshing to the bottom of the bag. What is interesting about this bag is the amount of straps in it/ on it. All these straps keep things where you put them, so when used as a backpack, everything stays where it should. Clothing, pens, paperwork, all have a place and that place is secure. I do wish it had two straps as an option, but all in all, it’s a good bag and one that gets use.

For more details about the bag and where to purchase it please check out eBags.com.



  1. eBags.com says

    This is great! Thank you for sharing new and exciting ways to share eBags!

  2. Those look great for traveling! I love the secret compartment. I also really like that it converts into a backpack. Much easier to carry when you’re trying to juggle kids too!

  3. We don’t travel much but we use regular school bags when we do, but it would be really nice to have more dividers like these bags have! Love it.

  4. I love this, looks like a great way to keep things organized. Love the idea to use it as a diaper bag!

  5. These bags look awesome! I am always looking for a great travel bag! Thanks!

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