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Baggage comes in different shapes and sizes, but the most fun form of baggage is the kind you pack up and go on a trip with.  Lets take a look at some of the new bags from Eagle Creek.


Check out the latest bag by Eagle Creek, the Tarmac AWD 22.  The Tarmac sports 360 degree dynamic wheels which are strong and sturdy.  The bag itself is well built and comes with a warranty that covers everything.  No matter the cause, the bag will be replaced to repairs by the manufacturer.

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The bag has a ton of extras with it.  Some of the features are a coat keeper, porter key bottle opener and attached piggyback clip.  The coat keeper is a very good idea.  On most trips, a sweater or jacket should be brought along just in case the flight is chilly or your destination is a big cooler then expected.  This clip helps keep your hands free and your jacket with you all the way to your destination instead of left on a bench or in the back of a taxi.

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Eagle Creek also sports the Pack-It system which helps keep all your stuff organized and easy to find.  Pack-It’ s range from Folders which help keep your clothes wrinkle free and compressed.  Cubes are great for t-shirts, pants, and underwear, its good for anything that you can roll up.  The sacs keep all your small accessories tucked away.  Best of all is the Gear Organization, which is water resistant and hold bulky items.  Perfect for buddy shoes.

When pairing the Pack It system with the new Tarmac, packing is easy, quick and organized.


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