Eats: Enjoy All the Seconds Cookbook Review

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Let’s face it when we cook dinner half the time there are left overs. So what are you to do with them? Certainly not waste the food! We are a family of six, and so my meals are cooked with leftovers in mind actually. I got into the habit of this when my kids started heading to school and pick up times ended up colliding with my lunch. Dinner left overs became my lunch on the go so it has been a habit to cook like this. What if you didn’t intend to have any left overs though? What if you have no clue how to use them up and make it just as grand as the dinner itself? Mary Lamontagne solves this problem in an amazing cookbook I  highly recommend any family pick up.


Eats: Enjoy All the Seconds 135 Colorurful Recipes to Savour and Save by Mary Lamontagne is probably one of the attractive as well as tasteful cookbooks I’ve ever come across. The idea behind her masterpiece is this, what do you do with those leftovers? The cookbook is filled with up to 135 recipes that give you perfect ideas on how to use up that extra food. Waste no more, question no more, just flip the book open to what you have on hand and you are set!

Recipes are an ease and directions very clear and easy to follow. Each recipe comes with a tasteful picture that will leave your mouth watering. Throughout the book you have tips to enjoy, some  buying and storing guides to different foods and even health benefits . I love how the book is broken down for different colors instead of a section for just the fruit and just a vegetable. Going by color you have the “Purples” which consist of Red cabbage, Eggplant, Blueberries and Plums. It’s different, but I like it! I can easily find what I’m after.  Take for instance my garden is over loaded with Zucchini right now. Sometimes I have no idea how to use it up so fast, no problem. Flipped right to the zucchini section and Mary gives tips on the best way to store the zucchini for later use or use it up right now. I made some Zucchini bread, my kids adore this bread for snacks and even breakfast , it came out great!


In each section you are given a master recipe which is what I call the base, something to get you started on before she gives you alternative ideas  to use. It just makes the book that more useful in helping to save those healthy foods you have leftover.  Giving additional tips on how to store your fruit or vegetable Mary gives you the opportunity to enjoy each food to it’s fullest flavor. Enjoy the easy to follow recipes, the amazing photography and learn how to stretch out your dollar using up every last ounce of the food you may have hanging around the kitchen.

Eats: Enjoy All The Seconds

135 Colourful Recipes to Savour & save

By Mary Rolph Lamontagne

June 2013

Advantage Media Group

$29.99 US


ISBN: 978-1-59932-386-2

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  1. nicolthepickle says

    It looks like a good book. I detest leftover rice, and always wonder what to do with it.

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