The Architecture of the Cocktail

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1451411_10200925844007741_1625109235_nHave a dinner party coming up? Holiday party? Special dinner that needs some fabulous true and amazing cocktails? Well you’ve found your go to book right here. The Architecture of the Cocktail – Constructing the Perfect Cocktail from the Bottom Up by Amy Zavatto is a one of a kind must have for anyone who enjoys to entertain and or just wants to impress a guest with a perfect drink.


The book starts off with a list of specifications, or the index for all the symbols used throughout the book. This is what makes up the picture of each drink. It also shows you the mixing symbols, whether to shake or stir so be sure to read the beginning of the book before you begin.


Moving onto the drinks it’self there are 75 drinks in the book and each comes with directions, notes on how to assemble and even tips to avoid any mishaps say using a vegetable peeler to slice the skin of an orange and avoid the bitter part. Good tips, easy to follow directions, you really can’t make any mistakes in here. Along with each drink there are some little history tidbits, or a story behind the drink, it’s a nice addition.



You have many drinks to pick from, whether you’re after a tried and true Mojito, or you want a fancy Pink Lady this book covers any cocktail you or your guests may want to try. I haven’t heard of many of the drinks, like the Aviator, or the Fox and Hounds, but I enjoyed reading through and picking out ones I’d like to try.  The  Martini was my favorite extra olives of course, and my husband liked the Bloody Mary the most.


Bloody Mary

We will most definitely keep using this book, I love how easy it is to read and it’s clearly labeled for amounts of each ingredient. The pictures or the architecture picture of each drink really was neat, such a great new  twist to a drink cookbook. It would not only be the hit of the party for drinks- but a fun conversation piece to share with guests. I highly recommend this one if you enjoy entertaining guests or need a go to book for drinks. You can nab the book at

Architecture of the Cocktail

Constructing the Perfect Cocktail from the Bottom Up by Amy Zavatto

Illustrated by Melissa Wood

Race Point Publishing

September 2013

$16.00 US/ $18.00 CAN


ISBN: 9-781-93799-432-7

This book is also available as an eBook!


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  1. Wow, never knew what went into making a good cocktail. Looks like a useful book and clever conversation piece.

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