Arts and Crafts With Kids: Top 5 Soap Making Tips

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As a parent, if there’s one thing that you know about your kids, it’s the fact that they are always looking for something new and exciting to do. And while sometimes it can be fun to take them to a toy store, let them play video games or go to the movies, have you ever thought about teaching them some arts & crafts? It’s also something they can enjoy doing, plus it teaches them skills that they can have as they grow into adults.


Take making soap, for example. Not only is it a relatively easy thing for them to learn how to do but homemade soap is cheaper, it has less chemicals than commercial brands and it can also get their bodies cleaner (because it doesn’t leave behind residue). So, if this is something that you think you would like to try with your kids, we have a few soap-making tips for you below:

Look online for some recipes. The first thing that we recommend that you do is go online to look for some recipes that you would like to try. If you go to your favorite search engine and put “homemade soap recipes” in the search field, you will see that you can make everything from lemon and coconut soap to pumpkin and even chocolate soap. The options really are endless.

Or purchase some soap-making blocks. If you want to make it a quicker and slightly easier process for your children, something else that you can do is purchase some soap-making blocks. They tend to have them at your local arts & crafts stores.

Get some soap molds. While you’re at the arts & crafts store, something else that you might want to pick up are some soap molds. Although you can make soap bars without them, the great thing about using some is that they come in all kinds of fun shapes and sizes; ones that your kids will look forward to using.

Follow the recipe. If you are going with a homemade recipe, make sure to follow it thoroughly. If you want to make large square shapes of soap, some things that are good to have on hand are some cookie sheets and parchment paper to keep the soap from sticking and also to help it to dry quicker. If you are going to use soap blocks instead, put them in a microwavable dish for about 30-40 seconds until they are completely melted. You can even add some essential oil to give it a nice scent or a bit of food coloring. Also, if your kids like to have extra suds in the bath, try pouring in a bit of Borax too. That should do the trick.

Allow it to harden. If you were to go to a website like to get some of the supplies that you need, you might see a tip that lets you know how long you should allow the soap to dry and harden before you actually use it. For many homemade recipes, you honestly should let the soap sit in a dry environment for about three weeks. If you are going to use soap blocks, they should harden in the mold in about an hour. Either way, once they’re ready, your kids will have plenty of soap to use; the kind that they can proudly say that they helped to make all on their own.


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