National Geographic Books for Kids

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National Geographic are known for their coverage of everything nature with a playful side.  Their book line are one of the ways they express this playful side to keep kids and adults engaged and learning.


Lets take a look at a few of these fun (and shhhh! educational) books.  Up first Angry Birds Star Wars.  This book is based on the wildly popular new Angry Birds game, which takes the tried and true Angry Birds formula and adds a coat of Star Wars to it.  The book takes this formula and adds a more educational spin on it.  Not only does the book cover Angry Birds and Star Wars, but takes the ‘Star’ part of Star Wars and runs with it.  With this book the reader learns about the science and technology behind Star Wars while also covering the characters and settings in which the game take place.  The book covers topics like hover crafts and planet Kepler 16b.  All this on wonderfully bright and colorful pages, filled with illustrations and huge pictures.  This book would fit well on the bookshelf of Angry Birds fans and Star Wars fans of all ages.


How to Speak Dog is an informative colorful book in the National Geographic Kids line which covers the mannerisms and ways in which dogs communicate with people and each other.  This book is full of colorful pictures and illustrations of many different breeds of dogs and is packed full of fun facts and tips.  This book is geared toward kids but is fun for dog lovers of all ages.  I enjoyed the part which described ear position, and they way they describe a dog’s emotions.  There is a bit of information that dog owners will have already known but the book  covers quite a few topics and is wonderfully fun for kids and adults.


And last but not least is the fun book That’s Creepy.  This book familiarizes kids with the facts and fiction of science fiction, urban legends and monsters of various sorts.  This book is great for anyone looking to find out what really makes a UFO a UFO.  IT gives background and facts on each topic to give a better understanding of each.  Your guide through our journey into the supernatural are Agent Jeepers of the Creepy Intelligence Agency and Ethel the E.T.  The book does have lots of pictures and illustrations of the creepy kind, so keep this in mind before picking this as a bed times story.  With Halloween just past I’m sure there were many questions of, “Are Mummies real?”, “Where do vampires live in the daytime?” and loads of other fun kid questions about monsters and such, this book helps answer them in an informative and creepy way.

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Perfect books for your kids, and to get kids reading (and learning) and enjoying themselves while doing so.


  1. We subscribe and love NatGeo Kids mags. Love the pic of your kid reading his mag!

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    Oh! Say no more, just figured out what I’m getting for my nephew’s birthday.

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