5 Ways for Moms to Prepare for Their Newborn Photography Session

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When you finally bring home baby, you’re bound to spend every waking moment marveling at the beauty

of your brand new family member…or wondering why the heck he’s crying. The part you’ll want to

remember, though, is how he looked in his infancy, which is why memorializing your newborn’s first days

of life with a professional photography session is probably a good idea. You’ll certainly take plenty of pics

on your own, but a pro can lend you the knowledge, skill, and experience that make for truly exceptional

photos that you and your family will cherish forever. But before you show up at the studio, there are

a few things you’ll want to do in preparation to ensure that your photographer has the best chance to

elicit smiles and take some fantastic photos. Here are some guidelines to follow when you’re getting your

newborn ready for his photo session.

1. Choose outfits. You don’t want to show up to the session with nothing more than the onesie your

baby happens to be wearing. You should bring several wardrobe changes including everyday

outfits, special garments (such as a Christening gown, for example), fancy clothes, and perhaps

even costumes, depending on what you’re going for. And don’t forget to bring several color

options. You’ll have to pick backgrounds when you’re at the studio, and having different outfits to

choose from can ensure that you get the effect you want, whether it’s high contrast or something

more subdued.

2. Time it right. Timing is important when you need your newborn to behave. Unless you want tears

to mar your baby’s first photo shoot, you need to make sure you plan your session when it’s most

likely to fit in his schedule. After a nap or a feeding is probably ideal, depending on whether you

want him to be sleepy or alert for the photos. Either way he’s bound to be less fussy if he’s feeling

comfortable, so arrange to have the session during the time of day you feel he’ll be most receptive

to wardrobe changes, posing, and flash photography.

3. Consider poses. To be honest, it’s nearly impossible to pose a baby with any degree of success. If

your newborn is sleeping you may have more luck, but you should expect him to move around

quite a bit while the photographer tries to snap pics. What you should be aware of is that your

photographer almost certainly has ideas concerning setups, and you may not be comfortable with

all of them. For example, you might worry about the safety of your child when the photographer

wants to put him on a pedestal, in a basket, or some other popular pose. Remember that you are

in charge of the session, so don’t let the photographer steamroll you! If you’re not comfortable,

voice your concerns.

4. Bring pacifiers. In addition to bringing something for your baby to suck on between shots, you

might want to show up with a variety of items to keep your baby calm and happy. Props like toys

could be used to draw attention or elicit a smile for your snapshots, for one thing. But you might

also want to bring a bottle just in case he gets fussy.

5. Comparison shop. Whether you prefer a pro studio like Diego Molina Photography or a nearby

Sears Photo Studio is more your speed, you should take the time to comparison shop before you

select a photographer. Price is definitely a consideration, but it’s also important to find a service

that offers the setting, style, and flexibility you’re looking for.

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