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National Geographic Kids releases a steady stream of interesting books.  We are going to be looking at a book of George Washington tips and tricks for manners as well as something a bit deeper about slavery called Stolen into Slavery.


First we will look at the light hearted George Washington’s Rules to Live By: How to Sit, Stand, Smile, and Be Cool! A Good Manners Guide From the Father of Our Country.  This book takes actual tips and hints by George Washington and adds silly illustrations and characters to prove the point of the rules in both a memorable and fun way.  All the rules are fun and are most most definitely a worthwhile lesson to learn.  One which stands out i, “When in company, put not your hands to any part of the body not usually discovered.”  or in layman’s terms don’t pick pick anything on yourself in public.George Washington’s Rules to Live By is available now, is a 128 pages hard cover book and retails for $14.99.


Next up is Stolen into Slavery: The True Story of Solomon Northup, Free Black Man.  This story follows the 12 year adventure of Solomon Northup who starts out a free man but ends up beign sold in Louisiana.  the story is large and sweeping and gives a different eye view of slavery then that seen in history books etc.  Th book i a paperback featuring 120 pages and retails for $9.99.

The differences between these two books are many, but there is a similarity bringing them two together.  Both show a more personal human element to historical events and people.  Few people know of George Washington’s fun side, and even fewer are willing to put a face and humanity into slavery.  It’s a good introduction for kids as well, and the timing is good with the movie (of the same name) just being released.

Both books are available in fine stores everywhere and online at the National Geographic store.

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