Support the Polaris Project and Help End Human Trafficking

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Have you heard of the Polaris Project?  They are an organization dedicated to helping those who are victims of human trafficking, and helping prevent others from being trafficked.  This month, they are asking you to become a North Star Guide. People just like you can be a guiding light for survivors of human trafficking by making a simple commitment to donate $25 every month.


Picture via the Polaris Project

By becoming a North Star Guide, you join dedicated supporters like Sara:

I support Polaris Project with a monthly donation for many reasons… Whenever I call the National Human Trafficking Resource Center for materials or questions about human trafficking in the U.S., knowledgeable Polaris staffers are always there to help me out.” Sara Cochran

If you’re like Sara and value our work, but don’t know how to show it, here’s your answer: become a North Star Guide. By giving monthly, you’ll be joining a community that provides stable support for our relentless efforts to restore freedom and stop traffickers from preying on vulnerable people. You’ll also be helping survivors like Isabel.

Empowering survivors

Isabel was trapped by Raul, a man who promised her safety but was in reality a violent pimp. He used drugs and physical violence to control her life and force her to engage in commercial sex. She didn’t think she would survive. One day, Raul came under federal investigation and Isabel was able to convince a federal officer she needed help.

Isabel came to Polaris Project for clothes, food and shelter. After four years of counseling and support, she was able to make the difficult decision to help law enforcement build a case against Raul. It took amazing strength to speak out to law enforcement about Raul and we stood beside her every day through the long process. Isabel’s testimony was instrumental in his conviction: 22 years in prison for sex trafficking. Today, Isabel works full-time, takes ESL classes in the evening, and enjoys living independently and without fear.

Isabel needed the consistent support provided by a North Star Guide and this month you have the chance to be one. Give just $25 a month and join a community of people who want to create lasting change for individuals like Isabel and disrupt the conditions that allow human trafficking to thrive.

Become a North Star Guide to those in need.

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