My First Month On Nutrisystem

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Week four on Nutrisystem, and I lost 2 more pounds.  It’s not last week’s 6 pounds, but hey, it’s a weight loss, so I will take it!  What’s funny is, I actually made it to the gym more then I did the week before and I feel better- but didn’t lose as much weight- go figure.  I will take what I can get, and keep on working hard.

I will confess that we had a barbeque on Mother’s Day and I ate that for dinner instead of Nutrisystem, but I was careful with what I ate (I didn’t eat the hamburger buns like a weirdo, no mayo on anything, and things like that) so I did my best to eat better even though it wasn’t a pre-packaged meal.  Hey, life isn’t pre-packaged, we all have to learn how to eat well as well as follow the diet- and I think I did both well this week.  Now, if only the scale concurred, LOL.


The shakes are how I start out pretty much every day, I drink these before I have breakfast (so a little backwards from what they recommend, but my Nutrisystem counselor says that’s fine).  My days start very early, and run pretty late as well, so I have to “tease” things a bit to make them work in.  I like to start with the shake, then have breakfast a little while later.  I am trying to have as many different things on the recommended “add ons” that I can to add variety to my diet, and the meals themselves are varied.  I also like that I can have dessert- because honestly, I do crave salty and sweet, and knowing I can have a little makes it much easier for me.

I make sure I get to the gym or take a walk daily as well, because health isn’t just about weight loss.

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Make sure to watch for my post next week to see how this week goes- I’m hoping at least as well as this one- maybe better!

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  1. good luck!
    your gonna do great

  2. nicole dz says

    Congrats to your progress, and I think its awesome that you joined this program. I have heard good things about it from a friend of mine.

  3. Vickie Couturier says

    you are doing great,,a loss is a loss no matter how much it is,,I need to do something too but honestly cant afford to buy their food right now,,so ill have to try something else ,but glad it works good for you

  4. Janet W. says

    I’d like for my husband to do a program like this. I’m interested in hearing about your progress!

  5. Sandra VanHoey says

    I think you’re doing great and looking forward to hearing ab out your weekly progress. Keep up the good work!

  6. Hahaha! I love your attitude. It’s working. I bet you feel better. It’s amazing what a difference just a few pounds can make. 🙂

  7. HAAAA!!! You did great!! i bet next month is even better!!

  8. 2 lbs is better then nothing, take it!

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