Week 5 On Nutrisystem

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I neither gained nor lost anything this week, which is (of course) a little frustrating.  I have been exercising daily as well, so perhaps it will show next week?  Sigh.  Always frustrating when you don’t see the results you’d like, but at least I feel good.

It’s very easy to stick to the food plan on Nutrisystem, since there is a variety of food options and the food is actually pretty good.  The fact that it is all pre-packaged makes it that much easier- no thinking required.  Supplement your diet with fruit and vegetables, dairy, and foods that are “pre-approved”  and it’s that simple.

Mexico and Products 101

It’s super easy to travel with as well- just take some of the bars or meals, toss them into a suitcase, and you are good to go.  Makes on the go dieting no problem, and keeping you on your plan.  Just make sure you drink enough water, and don’t eat all the junk that’s so easy to find on road trips and the like.  Willpower will get you far  🙂

Make sure to watch for my post next week to see how this next week goes.

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  1. Nutrisystem on the road has got to be difficult to do.
    More power to ya!
    Those bars come in mighty handy

  2. that’s great that you were able to travel with them easily

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