Week 7 On Nutrisystem

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Ok, I actually lost a pound this week, huzzah! This has been slow going for me- which is a little frustrating, but at least it’s going in the right direction.  I am following the plan and getting exercise regularly, and maybe next week I will see a bigger loss.  Yes, a pound is great- but I’m totally hoping for a few of those to drop next week- I’ve been doing really well following the plan, and getting  my workouts in, so I really (selfishly, impatiently!) want to see a big drop.  My Nutrisystem counselor reminds me that it is not all in the scale, which is true-  but I’m a brat, what can I say, ha.  I do feel good and have a lot of energy, so that’s great.  I spent a very active weekend (as any of you who follow me on Twitter, Foursquare, or Facebook know) and had no issues keeping up.  I also was really good, and stayed away from the birthday cake  🙂

This is one of the breakfast options- it comes frozen, all you do is heat it up.  Done!  This is a turkey, ham, and cheese omelet, and it's quite good.

This is one of the breakfast options- it comes frozen, all you do is heat it up. Done! This is a turkey, ham, and cheese omelet, and it’s quite good.

The pre-portioned meals help a lot on extra-busy weeks like this, some days I know I would end up “cheating” just due to lack of time.  But since so many of these meals are just heat and eat, I don’t have to worry about that.  Some you don’t even have to bother heating, like the bars, the muffins, or the cereals.  The options are great, and I like having so much to choose from.


Make sure to watch for my post next week to see how this next week goes- I only weigh myself once a week, so you find out only about an hour after I do how I did the past week, haha.

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  1. James Robert says

    I’ve heard a lot about this program, glad to hear it is working good for you. They always say slow but sure and I think you look great

  2. Cherie C. says

    i think you’re doing great! slow and steady wins the race.
    but if progress is really bothering you, remember to burn more calories than you eat~

  3. holy macral you are looking good in that dress.

  4. ellen beck says

    You are so pretty and doing so well. I have tried the nutrisystem omelettes and they are quite good. Keep it up!

  5. All the weight loss counts! Good JoB

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