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So, I didn’t use my Nutrisystem this week. I was in Norway, and I didn’t bring the food with me. I would not have been able to, with packing space and would have needed another bag just for it- plus I wasn’t sure there would be microwaves or ovens I would be able to use.  Also- I mean, I was in Norway.  I wanted to try the food!

The kicker?  I lost four pounds.  Hooray!  But frustrated- When I’m home, sticking to my diet and going to the gym, I lose one pound a week.  I go to Europe, overindulge, eat what I want, including desserts- and lose four.  What?  I swear, my body just likes to mess with me.  But I will take the weight loss, absolutely.  And we did do a lot of walking, so that helped I’m sure.

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  1. wow
    you are looking good.
    little guys is cute too 🙂

  2. vickie couturier says

    you look awesome,,going great on that diet,happy for you

  3. it’s great you lost so much last week!

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