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Summer is here, and we know what that means- time to get your travel on.  We also know that means many a chorus of “Are we there yet?” and “I’m BORED!” from the minions in the backseat.  So before you begin your next trip, be prepared!  Parents rejoice- you don’t just have to shove a tablet or video on for hours at a time- your kids can be creative and stimulate their fun and original ideas while on the road.  (It wont’ kill them to unplug once in a while, we promise!)

pic2The Scribble and Doodle On the Go is perfect for car or plane rides- even for keeping kids busy in restaurants while they wait for their food.  The hard cover book has 50 activity pages to color and play on and 2 pages of stickers (every kid’s delight).  The “On the Go” book pertains to travel and travel activities, but you can also get “Girly Swirly”, “My First Scribble” and other options.  They don’t come with crayons, so bring some with you. All are available for $11 each on

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Color a Cutie backpack is perfect for travel- you can not only store your kid’s toys and games in it (and it’s small enough that they can carry it about themselves) but also it will give them something to do while you get from here to there.  A fun project AND a useful travel pack- what’s not to love.  It comes with 5 permanent markers so kids can design their pack any way they like, and it stays that way.  Yes, bring a smock so they don’t ruin their clothes. Also available in Color a Backpack- Pirate.  $28 at


Alex Toys makes the perfect on-the-go desk for little artists, keeping all their masterpieces in one place.  One side of the Desk to Go  is a firm desk top surface, while the other is soft for leaning on a child’s lap. Pockets on the side hold crayons, markers, and more, while the top has a handle to make for easy carting from place to place.   The desk comes with elastic straps to hold paper in place while your little Michelangelo creates, and it folds up and zips shut when they are done.  (I wish I had one of these when I was a kid.)  Available for $20 from and in my opinion, a must for any parent.


If you want something a little larger then the Desk To Go or your child likes to bring a wider variety of art supplies with them, check out the Car Valet. Another item I would give to any child, it just packs so much into a small and tote-able space that no parent who travels would ever leave it at home.  Ever.  We loved this.  A huge play and activity space for a carry on about the size of a record (showing my age here- hey, a girl can appreciate vintage!) and as wide as your thumb, your child can do just about anything he or she wants with this fold out art center.  Play games, color, whip out a deck of cards, etc.  It has many pockets to store supplies, toys, and games, as well as a spot for paper. It can fasten to the seat in front of the child so that it acts as a desk-type-center, and folds down for use.  Need a nap, or getting out for a rest stop?  No worries, it folds up and zips shut in no time. Take it out with you when your roadtrip is over.  $44 at



  1. Terra Heck says

    I really like that backpack. I think my youngest step-daughter would like the design of it and that she could color it.

  2. vickie couturier says

    my grandkids would love these products,,we travel a lot during the summer

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