Eco-Friendly Activities at Home Together With Your Kids

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Every parent will tell you that catering to their kids can often be rather expensive; trying to get them the latest toys and games can absolutely destroy your budget for the month. That’s why a lot of parents have taken to creating their own activities at home for the kids, fun little events and games that are easy on the bank account and more importantly, ensure that you’re being eco-friendly.

pic3These activities can involve anything from learning about recyclable items through fun games and songs to something like competitions and prizes for finding the most recyclable items in the house. The types of games you can play can involve giving the kids a list of recyclables on a card with each card containing a different item inside it. You can then give them a small prize for whoever manages to fill in their card the fastest.

Another could involve having the kids arrange recyclables outside in the garden, these kinds of games work great as an alternative pastime activity at the garden as it encourages the kids to go outside and interact more with the environment.

A great benefit of these games being eco-friendly is that it teaches the kids the importance of looking after the environment, behavior that they’ll practice every day before eventually passing onto their own kids in the future.

Outside of games some parents have even started turning to arts and crafts with their kids using recyclable materials to show that junk that they would normally throw away can be turned into beautiful works of art. Some have even made a small profit out of turning their recycling activities with their kids into a small business.

A few parents have turned making recyclable works of art with their children from everyday objects they find around the home into a steady income that lets them spend more time with their kids who not only love the recycling themed games but they also on occasion get a small cut of the profits as pocket money.

Another eco-friendly activity you and your children could both enjoy is teaching your kids to make their own toys.

For example you could take some old discarded egg cartons and have the kids customise them into animals like dragons, crocodiles or even hippos if you turn the cartons inside out.

Or why not use some old plant-pots from your last gardening project and string from some old shoes to make a set of homemade stilts that your kids can clomp around the house in. You can start off with just one pot high for each child, but as an added bonus since they’re homemade you can adjust the height of them whenever you like at no cost at all.

But if you don’t have egg cartons or some discarded plant-pots you could always have the children cut apart old cardboard boxes to make forts, helmets or other fun things because we all know how much kids love to play with empty boxes.

Finally one other thing you could try is turning old washing up bottles into spaceships. Although this won’t work with the big brands like Fairy, you could use some standard ‘market own’ options that come in the elongated tube to really capture that classic rocket-ship design.

You can get your kids to design theirs to their liking so each one will be custom and then judge which one is the best on a special stage made by the kids out of any old discarded cardboard boxes that you might have lying around.

When it comes to finding fun things for you and your kids to take part in, a lot of people are seriously constricted by a budget. That’s why it always pays to make sure that any future activities you do are not only friendly to the environment but involves something your kids enjoy whilst helping you save a little bit of money in the long run.

So the next time you’re planning on doing something fun with your kids, why not see if there’s an eco-friendly version you can try at home instead.

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