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There are many types of video games available for purchase some are ok, some are good some are stunning gems. We are going to look at one of the stunning gems for the 3DS, Super Smash Brothers. Smash Brothers is a fighting game which has a plethora of Nintendo and non-Nintendo characters who face off in multi-person fights in last man standing type battles. Each character has different special attacks; different weapons, different speeds, and different heights and weights all of which will help you decide who your favorite is and who your personal enemy is. Personally I love Link and Little Mac. Each character can be broken down into three basic fighting categories, gunner, swordsman, or hand to hand. Mega Man is a good example of a gunner, his gun arm fires bullets and charged blasts at your opponents. Link is a swordsman who caries not only his legendary sword but also a shield and other items from his game. The sword has a longer reach then hand to hand but it take longer to swing the sword leaving the player open to attacks. Hand to hand is fast and furious with fists flying at a blinding pace but a limited reach Little Mac is an excellent hand to hand fighter.


What I like most about Smash Brothers is its depth without adding too much confusion to the individual fights. There are only a few buttons and players can master their character relatively quickly, but can you master the entire game and play against other players online and be a master there too? Personally, I can not. But I do still enjoy “settling it in smash” as the slogan goes. Smash Brothers is great as a pick up and play game or as a long stretch game as the more you play the more you unlock up to 51 characters including Mii fighters. Characters are from many different sources from peripherals for the original NES to Wii Fit and Fire Emblem Awakening. You are guaranteed to find a favorite among the pack.

I would suggest Super Smash Brothers for anyone who has a 3DS or is a fan of Nintendo in general. The game play is addictive and will leave you feeling quite fulfilled yet looking for more as you beat the game.

Super Smash Brothers is available on the 3DS and is available now for $39.99 from all major retailers as well as the 3DS estore.


  1. I love smash brothers!
    This one looks sweet I cant wait to kick your bottom in it online!

  2. that looks like a great game for the kids

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