Veggie Tales – Live Shows Coming to a Theater Near You

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pic7Who has a child that loves Veggie Tales?  If your child loves the show as much as mine does, then you will be excited to know that Veggie Tales is touring with a live show!  The Silly Sing Along is coming to a stage near you, so don’t wait, and get your tickets now.

We went to see the show this past weekend, and had a great time.  Larry, Bob and all the gang were there with all the silly, wholesome fun you and your kids love from the TV series. The Veggies preform the songs that your family knows and loves already in a fun sing a long, while they and their human friends dance and sing on stage (and the audience does in the aisle as well).

pic5The Veggies are super excited about their new TV show!  But, which song is the silliest?  Chaos is bound to ensue when no one can agree on a favorite silly song.  A new invention is unveiled to reveal the silliest of all silly songs.  But when the machine malfunctions and Jimmy disappears, the Veggies must find a way to get along and get Jimmy back!

Sing along with some of your favorite silly songs of all time, including: “Hairbrush,” “Love My Lips,” and “The Pirates Who Don’t Do Anything”!  And the Veggies will teach you some new songs, too, like “Show You Love” from the brand-new DVD, Beauty and the Beet.  This rollicking musical review of VeggieTales’ greatest hits is sure to delight families as our Veggie friends learn to consider each other’s feelings and wishes, and how to be a good friend at all times.


Souvenirs like stuffed Larry, Bob, or other characters are available for $15.  Glowing Veggie Tales Bracelets for $5, T-shirts for $15, and more.  Head over to and see where they are performing next!


  1. Melissa Pezza says

    This looks like a really cute video. I have yet to see a kid who doesn’t love a sing along.

  2. We haven’t watched since my oldest (now 16) was young. I love the messages they send!

  3. Kelly Hutchinson says

    We saw Veggie Tales live a few years ago when they were in Knoxville, Sadly, they are not coming back on this tour.

  4. what a cute show, we would love to see it

  5. That’s so cute. My bunch loves to sing, so needless to say they love Veggie Tales.

  6. I haven’t watched them in forever! My girls used to love them so much when they were younger.

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