Wubble Bubble Ball

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You may be asking yourself what is a Wubble bubble ball? Well the easiest way to explain it is: it’s a big, non popping, bubble made of a rubber- type plastic of some kind. The wubble reacts as a bubble would to everything except popping when you touch it. This makes for hours of fun and lots of experimentation. The best way to understand it is by watching the video below:

The Wubble starts out quite small and unshapely, but after a few minutes of pumping (electric pump provided with the wubble) The Wubble comes to full size and is a blast to bop around the room. It is partially squishy and almost floats a bit when thrown around, so please be careful when inside- It is a ball and is capable of knocking things over. As always, I do not recommend playing ball in the house.


Wubble balls can be played with outside as well, as long as it isn’t stored outside which can lead to punctures and an end to your fun. My son liked the Wubble ball a ton, so much so he almost knocked over the TV (because daddy said he could try it inside, a la Cat in The Hat having fun while mother is out….) Thus, this instantly became a playroom and outside only toy. The Wubble holds its inflation well, but it is suggested to deflate it between play times. This will help the Wubble keep its stretch and also save it from accidental nicks and bumps. It does grow to be quite big, 3 feet in diameter.

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The Wubble bubble Ball is available at fine stores everywhere including Target and online on their site for $19.99.

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  1. that looks really neat.
    I wonder if I could put a cat in it……
    just kidding of course

  2. that looks like fun!

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