Icebug – Winter Sneakers at Their Best

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With winter here in full force, and it being a brutal winter so far, getting around can be challenging for many of us.  Icy roads and sidewalks (not to mention steps and trails) and the ever-fun “black ice” make winter walking, running, and in general on-the-going less then ideal.

running sneakers

The new Enlight RB9X by Icebug is a really cool shoe for this time of year- or really any time of year, since it grips asphalt and wet surfaces like a champ as well. Not to mention it has a great look to it, a fun and funky style that sets it apart from other, more boring shoes and sneakers.  (I don’t like plain shoes, it’s a “thing” over here.)  I really dig the colors and the options available.

I really liked these- you can actually hear them gripping, which is a little weird at first, but then it’s oddly reassuring.  Like- huzzah, I am not going to fall (as often) today! Ha.  These are great for runners, walkers, or anyone who spends a lot of time outdoors.

running sneakers

Enlight RB9X
More about the shoes:

Enlight is a new name in the Icebug collection, but to a great extent it builds on the popular model Anima. The reason behind the design upgrades is that we just realized that we could sharpen this cutting edge trail shoe even more!

Enlight is a light trail running shoe for the driven runner. Its flexible midsole follows the natural motion of the foot and helps adapting to moving in nature. The lacing is straight and helps fixating the heel in the foamed heel cup, the fore foot can still move freely though since the last is less narrow in the front (the fit is less challenging than the Anima). Toe bumper and heel counter together with a full rubber soles offers trail protection. Good ground control with low sole profile and the narrow heel part of the sole, together with the soft midsole material, combines to absorb an uneven surface landing. The outsole rubber compound is our RB9X which means outstanding grip on both wet rocks and dry trails, yet this phenomenal grip doesn’t compromise the durability as the DIN-standard matches the recommendations of an asphalt running shoe. Multi-hour gravel road runs or a high speed lunch break session at the local trail…the versatility of Enlight makes it suitable for them both, and everything in between.


  1. those are cute

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    These sounds like amazing running shoes indeed. I love the fact at they have a narrow heel because my heels are narrow and I have a hared time finding good shoes. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love the colors! It’s cool that it helps people get outdoors more to run.

  4. wow these are gorgeous and would be so helpful to have when camping or hiking. Very cool.

  5. They look well made. Like the colors as well.

  6. Uplifting Families Parenting Tips says

    These look like cute shoes. I need some new ones soon.

  7. Although I am not a runner, skipper or jumper-I do find myself wearing sneakers a lot in the winter. It would be nice to have grippers on the bottom for those snowy icy days!

  8. Stephen Martin says

    Nice color, would go well with a nice pair of jeans. The heel certainly looks deep and comfortable one thing I look for when shopping for shoes and trainers.

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