Valentines Day Gifts for the Kids

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Valentine’s Day is no longer a day just for your significant other- many people give gifts to parents, close friends, and children as well.  I know that I give gifts to my son, and I cherish the ones he gives me. (Of course, we wear our glitter-pasta necklaces with pride, don’t we?)  If you are still looking for the perfect gift for your little prince or princess, here are some ideas.

pic4If you have a game enthusiast, check out Skylander’s new limited edition Love Potion Pop Fizz.  Just in time for Valentine’s day, and nothing “mushy” or “sweet” about this fella, who throws vials of strange substances instead of shooting a cupid’s arrow. Your gamer will love this new addition to his collection.  While he will be somewhat rare, he is not yet hard to find- you can find him on Amazon, Target, Walmart, and stores like Game Stop at this time.  Prices vary, starting at about $10 and up.

If your Valentine is a little younger, Cloud b has a variety of sweet toys that they will love to snuggle up with.  A well rested sweetheart being the best kind, Cloud b helps encourage sleep with it’s line of creative nightlights and bedtime toys. One of our personal favorites is the Glow Cuddles Bear, which is not only adorable, but very soft.  It has a glowing heart light in it’s chest that is activated by a hug, which is comforting not only because of it’s soft light, but also because of it’s gentle, calming “beating” that helps lull little ones to sleep.  It has 2 sleep timer options, 10 minute timer on the sound feature, 23 minute timer on the soft glow.  Good for all ages as it has sewn-on facial features and no small parts. It requires 3 AA batteries which are included, and retails for $35.95 on


For older children who still like a night light, or kids who travel often and like one to bring along, there are the Dreamz To Go Groovy Globes and the Cosmic UFO.  Both are easy to travel with, with the Groovy Globes being a bit smaller, but both being very light (and giving off good light).

Dreamz To Go have etched graphics of hearts, flowers and peace signs on the orb that light projects through, which produces the shapes onto the walls and ceiling. This fun Valentine’s Day surprise will help soothe your sweetheart  into a deep slumber. It is available in pink or aqua, requires included 3 AAA batteries, and retails for $25.95 on

The Cosmic UFO is very neat, and a fun addition to any child’s room.  Shaped (as you would imagine) like a UFO, it projects images of the Northern Lights and “intergalactic” sounds of the cosmos that make your child’s space feel like the great outdoors. The brightness and movement settings can be customized and adjusted, and it has a 23 minute timer.  It comes with the required 3 AA batteries, and retails for $44.95 on

pic6Hog Wild’s Love Poppers are good for just about any kid (and perhaps their daddies), as they are both fun and cute.  Fun and silly animals that shoot soft “kisses” (foam balls with lips on them) at their target (I’m guessing you- or annoying siblings) can’t really be beaten, now can they?  As always, I say shoot only outdoors, even if the balls are foam and soft.  Pop the ball in the animal’s mouth, squeeze the belly, and watch the kisses fly!  Laughter ensues, and bam.  Popper refills available. 4 animal options available (Monkey, pig, squirrel, and cow), each comes with 6 balls, and retails for $10.95 per animal set at


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