Head To Kohl’s for Everything You Need This Summer

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Summer is fast approaching, and it lately feels like it’s here already.  Doesn’t it feel like we skipped spring?  It’s about that time that we need to refresh summer wardrobes, grab what you need for that upcoming vacation or roadtrip, and make sure your kid’s sandals fit.  What, they don’t?  Of course they don’t, they never do!


I don’t like to spend a lot of time going from store to store to get what I need. As a busy working wife and mother, I have a lot of hats I wear on a daily basis, and any way I can trim time I spend doing those “must do” activities is a bonus for me. That’s one of the many reasons I love shopping at Kohl’s- whether you shop in stores or online, it’s a one stop shopping experience that you don’t need to spend tons of time and energy on. Bonus? The prices are great- you can catch amazing deals, get rewarded just for shopping and buying what you need to (with Kohl’s Cash, good for anything in the store) AND they constantly mail out money saving coupons in the weekly mailers, snail mail, and the best ones come via email when you sign up to receive promotions. Really, you should- there is not a reason in the world not to. They only send you deals and updates, Kohl’s is not one of those places that bombard you with useless emails 300 times a week.



While I usually enjoy shopping, shopping for my husband and son can be a less then fun experience, and one I prefer to either do alone or online. My son is OK if he’s with me, but if daddy is also with us, he turns into a whine machine. I don’t know why that is, but the quickness and ease of shopping at Kohl’s and getting what I need to for everyone in the family with no fuss is VERY appreciated by this mommy, let me tell you. Maybe it’s a guy thing- but they just don’t make shopping fun, and it’s great to go in with a list, sizes, and be done with it. Shopping online at 2 am is another great standby. No one annoys me then, and since they are both dudes? They don’t care what I buy them as long as it fits, and for the kiddo maybe has an Angry Bird or two involved, haha.



You can not only buy clothes and shoes for everyone in the family, but you can pick up luggage, housewares, blenders, dishes, outdoor furniture, even cards and photo albums. Really, anything and everything you might need for summer and your vacations and trips.



My son, of course, grows like a weed and needed quite a few updates, since most of his clothes from last year didn’t fit. Kohl’s offers a good variety of boys swimsuits, shorts, tshirts and tank tops- pretty much everything he (and I) was looking for.  He got 2 new swimsuits, which he can’t wait to break in as soon as possible, 2 shirts, one tank top, and a pair of shorts- and I didn’t have to spend a fortune.

If you are following me on Instagram and Twitter, you will be seeing plenty of our purchases above in action all summer long- as soon as tomorrow!  Keep in touch and let me know what you think.

Make sure you head to http://www.kohls.com/ to pick up what you need this summer. You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.





  1. hey thanks for sharing one needs a good place to shop

  2. Carlee C says

    I need to make a trip to Kohl’s to check out their Sundresses and Sandals. I can never have enough of those on hand here in FL.

  3. We are definitely a Kohls famliy. Even my husband is involved. He will go shopping and makes sure to hand over the Kohls cash so I can shop when it is valid. He is a good man!

  4. Melissa Pezza says

    I love Kohl’s. They have so many great things, and they’re all super affordable. And don’t even get me started on their super deals.

  5. I love shopping at Khol’s. Their Khol’s cash makes it an even better deal than normal.

  6. Jeanette says

    I LOVE Kohls Cash! I got Shoes for my son free there a few weeks ago! He loves the shoes and I LOVED the price! My son grows like a weed too! I am totally there with you!

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