How to Get the Most Out of Domestic Travel

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When most people say they want to travel, they imagine traversing the globe for vastly different cultures and scenery of foreign countries. However, many travelers simply don’t realize the wealth of amazing travel opportunities available right here in the United States.

A vast and diverse landscape, America offers as many new experiences as international travel — at less than half the price. For outstanding and unforgettable travel, you don’t need a passport or a massive savings account. Here’s how you can get the most out of your U.S.-based travels.

Find Uncommon Destinations

Some people are turned off by the idea of domestic travel simply because they don’t anticipate a trip to Boise, Idaho or Des Moines, Iowa to be especially thrilling. Yet, a vacation is only as exciting as you make it; if you select a dull destination and maintain a sour attitude, you probably will have an unhappy vacation. The United States is hiding thousands of exciting places to visit, so as long as you do some research and chart a course for some fascinating spots, you undoubtedly will have an excellent time. To get you started, here are some suggestions for domestic destinations you likely never considered:

        • Antelope Canyon, Arizona. A slot canyon made of vibrant red sandstone carved into surreal shapes.
        • Grand Prismatic Spring, Wyoming. The largest hot spring in North America, surrounded by a rainbow of colors from bright reds and yellows to crystalline blue.
        • Niagara Falls, New York and Ontario. The largest waterfall in the world, and a natural destination for couples in love.
        • Whitaker Point, Arkansas. A single stone crag jutting out over 100 feet of empty space, offering unprecedented views of the stunning Buffalo River country.
        • Hamilton Pool, Texas. A giant natural pool surrounded on all sides by steep grotto walls, formed when the hollow dome of an underground river collapsed.

  • Smokey Mountains, North Carolina and Tennessee. Perhaps the true inspiration for the line “purple mountains majesty,” a subrange of the Appalachians frequently surrounded by mysterious mists.

Be Spontaneous

After you have your main destinations plotted and planned, you shouldn’t be afraid to deviate every now and again with spontaneous trips off the beaten track. The road less-traveled is full of fun surprises, like a small town with valuable antiques or a vista of supreme natural beauty. Without a little chaos, your domestic travels can still end up stale.

In foreign countries, exploring without a guide can be exceedingly dangerous, but while you are within the borders of the United States, you can be sure that no matter how lost you get, you will be able to ask locals for directions or contact authorities for help. The best travel stories begin with the phrase, “on a whim…” and in the U.S., you should feel comfortable following that whim wherever it takes you.

Splurge on Souvenirs

When you travel overseas, you have to be exacting in what and how you pack. Airlines can charge exorbitant fees for overweight baggage, which means you must take only the bare necessities. Unfortunately, this also limits what you can buy while abroad to remember your travels.

Often, some of the best souvenirs, like a hand-woven blanket in Peru or an authentic didgeridoo in Australia, just don’t fit well in your travel pack, so you are forced to leave them behind. This is a problem that simply doesn’t exist for domestic travelers.

Because so many domestic travelers take land-based forms of transportation, there are few or no limitations on how much travelers can carry. That means if you see in Amish country a hand-carved stool that would look perfect in your living room, or if you want to by a whole cask of wine in Napa, you should go right ahead and get it.

Talk to Locals

Unless you are fluent in another language, you must resign yourself to communicating with basic nouns and a flurry of hand signals when you travel to exotic foreign countries. This is not the case in domestic travel, where you can be absolutely certain that everywhere you travel will have more than one speaker proficient in English. Unlike overseas travel, where communication is severely limited to wants and needs, during U.S.-based vacations, you have the unique opportunity to learn about the local lifestyle by having intimate conversations with the natives.

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world, which means it contains within its borders astounding diversity in nature and culture. Before you jet away to experience the exotic around the world, you should take some time to explore the exotic here at home with some safe, satisfying domestic travel.


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