The weirdest spas and treatments in the world

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Nowadays, healthy life and longevity have become most important things for individuals. Some people are even more willing to have a healthy life instead of family. There are numerous therapies, exercises and eating habits which modern man incorporates into life just in order to stay healthy and take care of its body. In that regard, it is no wonder that massages and spas have becomes such a fab as of late. Given that many of us are working during the entire week and that our body suffers enormously while being strapped to the chair, it is normal that many people are seeking a reprieve in one of those salons. But, like any other thing which becomes popular quickly, it led to different consequences. Today, in order to provide a unique and never before seen service, many parlors are offering weird types of treatments for their customers. These are some of the craziest ones.

  • There is one particular hotel in Sweden which is providing a special sexual service. And no, it is not about prostitution. This orgasm hotel is providing couples with luxurious rooms filled with sex toys and posters meant to spice up their sexual life.
  • If you are a type of person that hates cold, Chinese flame treatment is just the thing for you. It is thought that flame improves the body by keeping it safe from different microbes and cold during winter days. Naturally, in order to keep the customer safe, there is double cloth which is put on his or hers back before its set on fire.
  • If you thought that the previous treatment was extreme, you should try Taiwanese cleaver massage. This interesting massage allegedly relaxes the person from stress and tension when the therapist starts pressuring his body with the sharp part of the cleaver.
  • Canadian Deep Tissue Muscle Massage is a Canadian special which is being done while the person is in full clothes and seated. It relaxes certain muscle groups. Such and similar spa massages are available all over Canada, among other in Uptown Spa.
  • Similarly to different methods of massage and various instruments which are being used, in some cases, people even use animals to do their job. So, you can try out Israeli snake massage or Thailand’s elephant massage. Both of them should be really relaxing for your body.
  • It is very interesting when you visit a spa and you have a chance to bathe in local mineral water. Japanese took this concept to whole another level. They created a spa that has pools filled with sake, green tea, coffee, wine and ramen. All very important for therapeutic assistance.
  • Like Japanese, Czech also decided to take risk with their classic domestic liquor. If you ever have the time and you are in vicinity, you can try dark beer and mineral water bath which is popular in some Czech spas.
  • Italians also have their own special. You can try out gondola massage which is available in one of its popular spas.


  1. Wow, those are some pretty eclectic spa treatments! That Japanese mineral soak must be mega expensive! No thanks on the cleaver massage! The one I’d pick would be the Canadian Deep Tissue Muscle Massage!

  2. Terra Heck says

    Those all sound quite different! I’d be up for giving them a try, minus the cleaver one. I don’t need to accidentally get chopped up while getting a massage!

  3. nicole dziedzic says

    I have always heard about some strange and yet unique spa treatments, some sound interesting to give a try but not to sure about the flame one.

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