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As our little ones grow up, it seems like their toys get more and more complex.  They start with simple push and pull cars and rattles, they morph into tech and “batteries not included” before you can blink an eye.  Every so often, a new toy comes along that puts electronic toys in their place and brings play time back to its roots with pieces that fit together in a creative way and are easy to fit together.


YOXO is a fun new toy, named after the basic shapes of their building pieces, Y’s, X’s, and O’s.  Each of these shapes have small slits or longer slits depending on the shape, to accept other shapes attaching to them.  This can create some interesting shapes and creatures, with possibilities only limited by your imagination.  Each piece is cardboard, so it is completely recyclable.  The design may be simple, but the toy set itself is quite fun.  I’m not sure if it is because of the odd shapes of the pieces or because each piece fits into the next with little effort, but we really liked messing with it.  Whatever the reason, YOXO is quite fun to play with.


As far as the number of kits available, three are available at this point.  Doon, “Orig”, and Flye.  Orig is a rebellious robot who is the leader of the group and stands 18 inches tall.  Flye is a huge 4 foot dragonfly who has some unique oval shapes that really open up the possibilities of the set.  Last but not least is Doon, who is a dune buggy with moving wheels.  We gave Doon a try and were pleasantly surprised with how much fun it was to build and play with the set.  It kept my son and the husband busy for quite some time, so that was great for me.  I mean, them.


“Doon is a 13-inch dune buggy kit for kids who are ready to take a ride. The 33-piece Doon kit includes everything you need to build your own recyclable YOXOmoto. Then take Doon apart and invent something new. Comes with custom moto parts, repositionable YOXO eye stickers in a sturdy box with a lid for easy storage. $19.99”


These sets are now available at Target stores nationwide as well as YOXO kits are available at www.yoxo.com and at independent toy stores across the country.  Doon retails for $19.99, Flye retails for $24.99 and YOXObot “Orig” for $19.99.



  1. hey i have never heard of yoxo but it sure does sound like an awesome game.

  2. Oh I just love them! I am all for toys that require a little thought and a little action instead of being all about the computer. I’ll have to keep these in mind for my nephew

  3. This looks like a fun toy. My seven year old would think that was pretty cool. I hadn’t heard of them before your post. So thank you for the heads up!

  4. Kim Croisant says

    My son loves to create things, but I can’t even pronounce it!! Your son did a fine job!

  5. Tammi @ My Organized Chaos says

    I love toys and games that really spark the imagination! Great pricepoint too!

  6. Now that is a cool toy and I can see lots and lots of creations made from those pieces.

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