Stylish Bathroom Design Ideas For Your Home

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When you have guests over, what do you think they judge the most? I’ll give you a hint, it should be the cleanest place in the house. If you guessed the kitchen, you’re incorrect. The kitchen is typically one of the dirtiest places in the house because here we just tend to let things slide. There might be a few crumbs on the floor, we’ll pick them up eventually or dirty dishes in the sink. Hey, I’m getting around to cleaning them! No, the answer is the bathroom. For some reason, don’t ask me why, when you have a guest over one of the first things they will do is ask where the bathroom is. Don’t be naive, they aren’t looking to use it, they’re looking to judge. That is why, girls and boys you want your bathroom to be absolutely stunning.


Clean It Up

Start by giving your bathroom a good clean. I know you probably clean it regularly, or at least I hope you do but you’re not doing this for hygiene reasons. It’s the best way to get close and personal with the room and find out what needs improving. For instance, you might find that the caulk around your shower has started to wear away and it needs replacing. This is quite easy to do. Just add a touch of adhesive to a cloth, wiping away the old stuff and then wash the space. Wait for that to dry before you replace it with new caulk.  Also, an extra tip is to use a scented cleaner so that your bathroom smells terrific. So, now you’ve got your hands dirty and had a close look around, what needs improving?

The Color?

Are you still happy with the color of your bathroom? If not, you’re going to have to ask yourself why. You may want your room to look more modern in which case you are looking to paint it a dark color with contrasting whites and creams in places.

But remember, if you change the walls you are going to have to change to the floors too. Perhaps even all your furniture depending on how drastic the change was. If you want to save on costs, choose a color that matches your fixtures otherwise you are looking at a lot of work ahead.

Then again, you might want to update the fixtures in your room, like the shower. I for one, know that my bathroom upstairs could certainly do with a modern upgrade. For those of you considering this decision, check out some of the great shower designs that might fit in your bathroom perfectly. You don’t have to replace the whole unit. You can just make smaller improvements such as installing a new frosted glass, door. That would look rather wonderful.

Small Adjustments

Speaking of small improvements there are lots of little things you can do to improve the space. I mentioned other options rather than replace fixtures completely. So instead of upgrading your bath and sink, just get new taps and faucets. The modern design will make your bath and sink look new again and certainly fool some fussy guests.


  1. A clean and beautiful bathroom is a great thing,i always notice a good bathroom and love it.

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