Throw Your Own Amazing Ice Cream or Gelato Party

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Few things in life taste as good on a hot day as a big bowl of ice cream does. Gelato is an Italian twist on ice cream that has a lighter and fluffier consistency. Whether you love ice cream or gelato, throwing a party based around that dessert is a fun way to treat your family and friends. With so many different accessories and products available in stores and online today, you can easily find everything from gelato spoons to ice cream themed decorations for your party.

Ice Cream and Toppings

The most important part of your party is the ice cream or gelato and toppings that you serve. While you can keep things simple and only offer one flavor of ice cream, you typically want to offer several different flavors to appeal to all your guests. Keep things basic with flavors like chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, or add a few unusual flavors like salted caramel and malted chocolate. Save time with chocolate, caramel, strawberry and butterscotch sauces from your local grocery store. You can also whip up a few sauces the night before and heat up right before guests arrive.

Dishes and Spoons

There is something classic and fun about traditional ice cream dishes. Made from glass, these dishes have a smaller bottom that expands near the top and might have fluted edges. If your party involves kids, consider purchasing a few plastic ice cream dishes. You’ll also find metal, glass and plastic banana split dishes that are shorter and longer. Make sure that the spoons you choose are long enough to reach the bottom of larger glasses. Buy a few ice cream scoops too, and keep a large bowl of warm water on hand for rinsing the scoops between servings.

Fun Decorations

Ice cream and gelato products make fun decorations for your party. Use larger dishes to display crushed and chopped nuts, fresh fruit, sprinkles and candies for topping ice cream. A cupcake tray or pan is perfect for displaying ice cream cones and cups too. You’ll also find some fun party games that fit your theme like pin the ice cream scoop on the cone. Use streamers, tablecloths and balloons in bright colors that match the colors of the ice cream and gelato that you serve, and purchase spoons and napkins in matching colors. With these tips, your guests will leave your ice cream party with some great memories.


  1. hey,i never knew one could throw an icecream party,it should be so much fun.


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