Roadtrips with Kids- What to Take

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When you are taking a road trip with the kids, you want them to be comfortable and occupied (and quiet!) so the trip will be more enjoyable for everyone.  Here are some new road trip accessories for kids of all ages to help you keep on truckin’.

You’ve likely heard of BubbleBum (an easy to take along car seat that folds up and flattens out for travel).  They have expanded their lines to include Sneck (a seatbelt travel pillow) and Junkie.

The Junkie helps keep your kids organized, and the car cleaner.  It is both a car organizer and an activity station that can help keep the kids busy once you put their favorite things inside. It is easy to harness into the backseat and store activities, coloring books, snacks, drinks, and more between two children (and carseats).  There are two retractable trays, two cup holders, an insulated area for cold items, and plenty of storage.  The tote bag is removable, so you can bring your “projects” into the house, hotel, restaurant- wherever you are headed next-  easily.  Junkie makes road trips more organized.

Sneck is a travel pillow that lets kids nap easily in the car, filled with micro-beads and is plush on the outside.  The Sneck attaches most headrests easily with a Velcro strap so it stays where the child wants it to.  There is a small mesh pocket that can hold a small toy or electronic device.  Kids can use Sneck 3 ways to find the position that is most comfortable for them to sleep in.


You can find BubbleBum, Sneck, and Junkie on Btheir website as well as and You can also connect with them on FacebookTwitter and Pinterest.

NeckNapperz are easy to take along, adorable, transforming plush pillow/stuffed toys that are perfect for roadtrips, planes, trains- or even for your child’s own bed.  These neck pillows transform from plush toy into a plush neck pillow and back again, which makes them great for dual uses.  Kids are easily bored, as we all know, and being able to entertain themselves while you wait to board the plane or snuggle up with in the car, then use it when they are ready to nap is doubly-useful.
The pillow offers support and cradles your child’s head, so none of those stiff shoulders and necks when they wake up from sleeping “funny”.  The neck pillow has a snap on the end, so they can snap it shut and secure if they would like to. It is easy to attach it to luggage or a carry on while you are moving about, so it doesn’t get lost.  They are priced at $19.99- you can get yours at

Equiptbaby is for the littlest travelers, and makes it easy to put baby to sleep wherever you are. This portable bassinet is so small, you can fold it up and put it into your diaper bag.  Made of rip stop nylon, it has SPF 50 protection from the sun to keep baby safe while he or she sleeps. Baby is visible from all angles and protected against insects with fine mesh- there are no chemical sprays used.  The inside, soft padded insert is machine washable, so if baby has an accident, cleanup is easy.  Setup is a breeze- it pops right out in about 2 seconds.  No worries!  It’s easy to fold back up too, and place back into your bag when baby wakes up.  Recommended for ages 0-6 months. You can get yours for $69.95 at


If you are headed to a hotel, cabin, campground, or even a relatives house where you will need more sleeps pace then you have, check out Kid O Bunk.  These portable bunkbeds are perfect for camping, or anytime when you need an extra bed for the kids.  There are no tools needed to put it together, as it has lock in disks that snap together. They look somewhat like army cots, but are smaller in size and are built as multi-use bunk beds.  You can also use it like a bench/couch for daytime use, or side by side beds if you have the room or the kids prefer it.


The bed’s material is machine washable, should anyone have a spill or an accident.  They come with a zippered carry bag for storage and to take it from place to place, and have side organizers to place “treasures” in for safe keeping while they sleep.  The Kid O Bunk is recommended up to age 12, but bigger kids will be too long to fit easily.  Each cot holds up to 200 lbs, so that’s a non-issue for most kids of those ages (one would think).  There are no ladders or mattresses needed- you can get your bunk for $289 at or Cabela’s in lime green or teal.

Disclosure- I have received the above in order to facilitate this review.  All opinions are my own and honest.


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