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There had been debates regarding the etymology of the city name Marrakech. One side states that it was derived from the Berber word mur akush meaning “Land of God.” Historian Susan Searight claims the word was first documented in the Qarawiyyin manuscript meaning “country of the sons of kush.”


Anyway, enough about that, the city of Marrakech in Morocco is a hot tourist destination for many reasons. The Moroccan lifestyle, handicrafts galore, amazing cuisine and story-telling museums.

The climate of Marrakech can be pretty brutal, the average temperature during summer is 32-45°C (90-100°F). Travelers are encouraged to visit the city from March to May or October to November to experience the spring and fall seasons.

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Now, going back to Marrakech, here are the features to look forward to upon your visit.

Jemma El Fna

The main square of the city and the most visited area by tourists is the Jemma El Fna. It has food stalls, handicraft stores, juice vendors and even snake charmers. This place has a combination of food, entertainment and commercial business.

Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden was established and designed by French painter Jacques Majorelle from 1886 – 1962, it’s situated in the heart of Ochre city. The variety of floral species covers the entire area and produces fresh air along the green paradise.The garden shelters water lilies, lotus flowers, palm trees and other exotic plant species. The environmental facility also takes care of different birds like house sparrows, robins, blue tits (get your mind out of the gutter), warblers and turtledoves.

Inside the garden is the Galerie Love, filled with love posters designed by Yves Saint Laurent. The garden has its own cafe, the Café Bousafsaf that serves cool and hot beverages. A perfect place for a break.

Koutoubia Mosque

The largest mosque in Marrakech with its decorative arches and unique architectural design attracts travelers daily. The mosque is fortified with sandstone, bricks and red stone. The Minaret tower made of sandstone stands at 253 ft and overlooks the city. The locals refuse to build buildings taller than the Minaret because it’s their most preserved and cherished landmark.

Art Appreciation
Marrakech is rich when it comes to arts and crafts. There are several museums scattered around the city, some of them big, some of them small. One in particular is the
Maison Tiskiwin which exhibits the works of Dutch anthropologist Bert Flint, the collection depicts the connection between Morocco and the sub-Saharan Africa.

Dar Si Said Museum

The Dar Si Said Museum in Riad Zitoun El-Jedid has the oldest set of weapons, ceramics and carvings crafted during the early days of the city

Maison de la Photographie and Marrakech Museum of Photography and Visual Arts showcase the best images captured by world-renowned photographers. Maison presents over 8,000 photographs that portray the developing city from 1870 – 1950. The Marrakech museum of photography and visual arts on the other hand, exhibits temporary and permanent galleries from time to time.

The Ensemble Artisanal

Located at the Avenue Mohammed V, the Ensemble Artisanal is the department store version of Marrakech. Everything is original and hand crafted. If you’re hoping to buy some souvenirs for your family back home, then this is the place to be. They sell leather belts, carpets, bags, babouches, jewelry and more items, you name it. You can also put your bargaining skills to the test and try to convince vendors to lower the price for each product. The locals perfected different kinds of handicrafts to distribute great quality items.

Diversity of Food

Marrakech offers one of the most amazing sets of food and beverages in all of Morocco. Even the foods being sold along the streets are mouthwatering. The city aroma is blended with different kinds of ingredients and spices. Intoxicating. Make sure to taste their signature dish, Tagines. A combination of vegetable and meat cooked carefully and slowly in a tagine or a pot.

They also have delicious kebabs cooked over an open grill and scrumptious Couscous cooked with fresh ingredients.

After your gastronomical experience, cleanse your tummy by drinking some of their sweet orange juice or refreshing mint tea.

Gastro MK Restaurant
Also, be sure to make a reservation at the
Gastro MK restaurant within the Maison MK hotel in your itinerary. The fine dining restaurant serves French, Moroccan, Mediterranean and European cuisine. Guests can enjoy their meal on a patio with the open sky and a wide view of the city. Travelers highly recommend drinking cold cocktails while overlooking the view from the terrace.

Affordable Luxury

If you’re worried about the expenditures for hotels then put your mind at ease. Rest assured that Marrakech is filled with great hotels that provide great quality service in exchange for reasonable prices.

The Medina Gardens
Located in the center of the city, this hotel is a great spot for couples. The hotel provides efficient service, cleanliness is maintained and most of all, the hotel is approximately close to various tourist attractions like the Koutoubia mosque and Majorelle gardens.

Respect their Culture

The primary religion in Marrakech is Islam, so make sure to put on decent clothes and avoid showing too much skin, it’s called manners. Be interactive with the locals because it’s rude to be distant since they’re trying their best to keep you accommodated.

Hope you guys had a sudden urge to visit the Marrakech and experience the city. Friendly people, kind vendors, tangled streets and red walls, you can find all of them in Marrakech.

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