New Little Movers with Huggies Little Movers Diapers

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Babies can be a bundle of joy, to say the least.  But once they get moving that little bundle of joy can be a little rocket with chubby legs.  Before you know it they are reaching and moving all over the house.  From the kitchen to the bathroom there are lots of places you don’t want your baby to go.  As a parent I have a few tips to get you through these troubling times without putting child locks so complex they will leave you husband crying on the floor with pliers and a screwdriver jammed into your cabinet.


  1. Crawl around your floor.  Yes you will look ridiculous but you will find everything that a bi-pedal adult might miss.  Including dangling wires, cabinets that can open and all kinda of accessible dangers.
  2. Do not have the mentality of ‘wait and see’.  You do not want to see what they can get into and what they can’t.  Play it safe.  Hope for the best, prepare for the worst.
  3. Get child locks that you and your significant other can open.  Don’t go nuts with complex locking mechanisms.  You and yours will be low on sleep and lower on patience.
  4. Have fun.  Your little one is growing have fun with him or her.
  5. Get new diapers.  Your little one is no longer a little lump of love he or she is now a crawling rocket of loving.


The right diaper can make all the difference in this important time in your little one’s life.  One such diaper is new Huggies Little Movers Diapers.

New Huggies Little Movers Diapers have a Moving Baby System for outstanding grip, fit, and wetness protection which absorbs on contact, so babies get the most out of every little move as they begin to kick, roll, crawl and walk.


Huggies Little Movers Moving Baby System is made up of three key features:
•  A DryTouch Liner that absorbs on contact
•  Double Grip Strips for comfortable movement and a comfy fit that lasts
•  Contoured Shape for freedom of movement


  1. The absorption improvements sound great! We used Huggies when my grandsons were younger and never had issues!

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