Great Holiday Gifts for Kids

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Looking for the perfect gift for the little ones in your life?  Check out some of these hot new toys, and grab them before they are snapped up.


Have you ever heard of Wubble?  The nifty ball/bubble/balloons that are part bubble, part ball, part wiggly fun.  Wubble is now not only in the form of the regular Wubble which can inflate up to 3 feet, but now includes the WubbleX and Glo Wubble.

he Wubble X is very similar to the original Wubble but inflates to a portion of its size with the included helium can.  The addition of helium instead of air or CO2 makes a big difference.  Now your Wubble floats around the room, sticking to ceilings and overturned hands as if by magic.  The Glo Wubble brings the familiar Wubble to night time play – the big, bouncy bubble now glows as it floats around.  These are great fun at night or in a play room with the lights out.  Wubble balls retail for $19.99 each and the original and Glo Wubble include a pump while the Wubble X retails for $7.99 and the helium can retails for $7.99.


If you are looking to help your youngster get ahead in school, take a look at the Kurio Smart™ tablet, the first Windows kids’ tablet available.  Is is a child-appropriate 2-in-1 tablet/computer that comes with a “detachable keyboard, one-year of Microsoft Office and anti-virus protection, plus $200 worth of additional content” (as per packaging), has parental tools to keep kids safe, and retails for $199.99.  The attractive price as well as the functionality of the Kurio Smart makes it a great first computer. It can be used as a tablet if removed from the keyboard, so it’s still good for entertainment purposes as well. Grab yours at , there are a few other options available as well- see what’s right for your child.


Peanuts Happy Dance Snoopy is not only adorable, but timely.  With the new movie out about a month ago, kids are falling in love with this happy hound all over again (and so are adults of all ages).  Just Play has just released an adorable plush Happy Dance Snoopy, who dances to the “Peanuts” theme song (aka “Linus and Lucy”) when you squeeze his paw.  He kisses, too- just smooch him, and he will give one back (or a laugh, howl- even a burp).  He’s a dog, after all.  Snoopy is a lot of fun- I like him as much as my son does, if we are being honest. He retails for $29.99 at stores like Target and Amazon.


Moose Toys has created Qixels, a fun craft aimed at boys who were left out of the bead and water trend until recently.  The Qixels Turbo Dryer is a fun new activity set where kids can use their imagination or follow directions to make predetermined patterns with cubes that fuse together water. When they “set”, they make an 8-bit looking creation that games like Minecraft have made popular once again. Make monsters, ninjas, zombies- whatever your heart desires.  Qixels alone can air dry, but with the The Turbo Dryer, they dry in half the time (because we all know kids don’t love waiting). You can pick yours up for $19.99 in stores like Toys R Us.  I’d give this to elementary age or up, and with supervision for younger kids due to small pieces.


Kids are loving the tech pets craze right now, and one of the cutest is Little Live Pets CleverKeet. This sweetie pie just flew into the Little Live Pets™ pet shop and would love to be adopted by your family this holiday season.  Name your pretty bird, and he or she will remember it.   You will receive an included adoption certificate to make your new pet officially yours.  He likes to dance in front of the mirror, just like a real bird.  He knows all sorts of words and will answer your questions (in often silly ways), and he sings as well, of course.  CleverKeet comes with one CleverKeet bird, one playground (he loves to swing!), one cart, one instruction booklet and adoption certificate, for $59.99.


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