Kohl’s Elf on the Shelf #ScoutElfReturnWeek

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For the uninitiated, Elf on the Shelf is the new tradition where a little stuffed elf hides around the house at night to help report to Santa on which list your little one should be on, the naughty or the nice.  For more details on the exact lore of the Elf and his various adventures, there is a book and also a new movie which you can purchase with said elf at your local Kohl’s.


In addition to various varieties of the Elves themselves, there are also boy and girl elves.  There is also a reindeer available and a whole plethora of different clothes for the entire crew.  The clothes range from pajamas, to boots and leather jackets, and even a warm blanket for the reindeer.  My son loves having sets of things, so friends for his Elf on the Shelf are great fun for him (especially an animal friend who wears clothes).  Of course, the reindeer also comes with a book, so you can read all about them.


Also available are various Elf on the Shelf themed clothing for both boys and girls.  Pajamas, socks, shirts, bath robes, and even ornaments for your tree.  The other favorite in our house is the huggable plush elf, who is able to hang out all year long and does not have to fly back to the North Pole on Christmas Eve.  Elf on the Shelf makes the anticipation for Christmas a bit easier for children to deal with while still giving them that added incentive to behave.  Well….. at least throughout the month of December.


Elf On the Shelf is available now at Kohl’s stores nation wide and retail anywhere from $29.99 and includes a book explaining the mythos while most clothing sets are available for $9.99.  I’ll be posting shortly with some of our “Elf-capades” as well as a fun giveaway- keep your eyes out!


  1. these elves are everywhere this year!
    my kids love them

  2. valmg @ Mom Knows It All says

    I had no idea that there was official elf on the shelf clothes. I bet my niece would love to get some clothes for her elf.

  3. I’m amazed that people still do this Elf on the Shelf thing.

  4. My daughter just asked me this morning why our elf hasn’t returned (she’s 9). Honestly…he hasn’t returned because I don’t remember where I hid him at the end of last year!

  5. Beeb Ashcroft says

    I’m old (lol!) so there was no Elf on the Shelf when I was little, but it’s fun to watch what the Elf gets up to on my Facebook friends list, haha! Looks like you are all set for a ton of holiday fun. 🙂

  6. Kim Croisant says

    We haven’t done this yet. I have a blogger friend who has written an e-book on this. I hope you have fun with it

  7. Aw, my kiddos would love those.

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