VeggieTales “Silly Little Thing Called Love” DVD

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Getting ready for Valentines Day?  Check out this DVD for your little loves- new from Veggie Tales! Such an adorable gift for your cutest Valentines.

VeggieTales “Silly Little Thing Called Love” DVD features three classic stories of “true” love – with lessons in Loving Your Neighbor, Loving Your Family and Loving God! The DVD also includes funny and touching thoughts from the “Veggie Kids” sharing their perspective on love only as kids can!


These lessons provide a wonderful reminder to families that we can show love to others everyday just as God continuously shows us his love!

This DVD has some favorites from past shows and movies, as well as Larry asking kids important questions. It’s a movie you don’t have to worry about letting your kids watch- it’s safe and full of good values, sweet and silly songs, and teaching kids the right way to treat others.  Even if you are not a very religious person or family, Veggie Tales is still great for kids because there really is no parent that doesn’t agree with things like “love your neighbor” and sharing with others, yes?

My son has always loved Veggie Tales, even if we were a little late to the game with them- he saw them for the first time when he was about 4, I believe.  But he really liked them from the first go, and still does at age 8. He was thrilled when this new Veggie Tales arrived, and he can’t wait to watch it!  If only he didn’t have school…..ha.

You can get your copy at , and if you order soon it will be here before Valentines Day.  They also have a sale going on right now, so stop by and see what strikes you.


  1. Very cool
    i love veggie tales

  2. Rebecca Swenor says

    This sounds like a really cute show and this DVD would be great for my niece’s little ones. Veggietales is a great kids show and I love that it show the kids good values. Thanks for sharing this awesome kids DVD.

  3. (VeggieTales “Silly Little Thing Called Love” DVD) I have bought a few of their DVD’s for my grandson. They have many good lessons on DVD to learn about.

  4. The Veggie Tales are so cute! My nephews used to watch them when they were of an age.

  5. Patty Hancock says

    My son use to love Veggie Tales

  6. That sounds adorable

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