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As many of you who have been pregnant know, getting a great night sleep after you are to your 2nd or 3rd trimester can be incredibly hard. I can only wish that I would have found this great product with my previous 2 pregnancies. The Rest Rite has been a pretty neat tool to use on my really rough nights.

About Rest Rite:

The Rest Rite Sleep Positioner is an innovative new device that was designed to train your body to sleep in the best position for your needs by repositioning you as you sleep in a comfortable way. It can also be used as an over the counter breathing aid while serving as one of the best home remedies for sleep trouble on the market. It is safe and comfortable.

The product then acts as a “bubble” that gently encourages you to stay off your back throughout the night. It can also be placed on other parts of your body to encourage a different sleeping position.

It can help with:

  • Snoring and Sleep Apnea
  • Pregnancy
  • Injury
  • Heartburn
  • Reflux
  • Back Pain
  • Gerd


We all know that pregnancy causes havoc on peaceful nights’ sleep. The American Pregnancy Association says that sleeping on the back during pregnancy can cause health issues such as backaches, difficulty in breathing and a decrease in circulation to the heart and the baby. They recommend Sleeping on the Side position for a better, healthier night’s sleep and even better, on the left side to improve circulation and move nutrient-packed blood from a mother’s heart to the placenta to nourish the baby.

The comfortable Rest-Rite Sleep Positioner attaches directly onto the back with easily-removed, residue-free, medical grade adhesive, and gently helps to remind a pregnant woman to roll back to her side if she accidentally rolls onto her back while sleeping. It won’t shift during the night, making falling and staying asleep easier.


My Thoughts:

I was incredibly impressed with the Rest-Rite. I am just now at the end of my 2nd trimester and staying asleep at night is starting to become tricky. I typically am a side sleeper, so being pregnant and having to sleep on my side has never really been a problem for me. I will tell you that now this far along into my 3rd pregnancy my body has a hard time some nights staying on  my side thanks to that little thing called gravity. 🙂 . I have been impressed on the nights that I have used the Rest-Rite and would definitely recommend it to any pregnant friend that was having rough nights and having the problem of rolling onto their back.


If you are interested in purchasing this amazing product, head on over to their website and order a box for yourself to see how great it is!

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