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There is a new way to grow a garden and it couldn’t be simpler or smarter at the same time. Gro-ables are a garden starter kit, in simple pod form.


Each pod is planted int he ground and watered. Then before you know it, it sprouts and you have garden full of fresh vegetables. Is this an over simplified explanation? No, it isn’t. Each pod contains growing material, plant food, and a seed. The growing material nestles the seed perfectly, and when watered, delivers the perfect amount to bring about root growth which then grows into the plant food giving the plant the boost it needs to grow big and green. It brings you the most delicious garden greens and vegetables. From herbs, to vegetables, and even lettuce- there are lots of choices to pick from.


In addition to the pod itself, there is also a Gro-ables app which helps you remember to water and cultivate your new garden and makes sure your Gro-ables do grow.


“At Miracle-Gro®, we believe that there’s a lot to learn from even the smallest plants. So we started The Groables® Project: a movement to share the joy of growing herbs and veggies while giving kids truly hands-on learning experiences. Join us by planting your own Groables, taking part in the activities below and sharing your story!”

Gro Ables are available everywhere plants are sold as well as online. They are available as Jalapeno peppers, basil, cherry tomato, cucumber, globe tomato, lettuce, sweet peppers, watermelon, zucchini, and broccoli.


Pardon the mint! He loves it, and won’t pull it out unless he’s using it.

These are prefect for those of us with a less then green thumb, and little kids who want to help in the garden. My son loves gardening, and these are a welcome addition to our annual vegetable garden. Every year we try to grow some new things in addition to our regular garden, and these will be fun (now that the weather has finally started to cooperate!)

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  1. I need to try these since I always seem to have trouble.

  2. oh i cant wait to see my little garden grow.
    these look sooo easy to use
    ive got to grab a few

  3. Catherine says

    What a great idea! I’m so pathetically bad at planting and growing things, but even I could handle this! (I think…)

  4. We bought these at Costco last year. My son loved them and we had huge cucumbers and peppers from them.

  5. My kids would like to try this

  6. Wow! I have never seen these before but I love the simplicity of the Gro-ables takes a lot of mess and a lot less stress out of planting your little garden.


  1. […] plants from home stores, and this year from these interesting pods from Miracle Gro. (Read about them here if you want.)  I hadn’t seen them before, but he likes them, and most of them are growing […]

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