Hot Summer Toys For Travel and Fun

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With many of us already into a long summer break from school with the kids at home, we think about what to do with all this time off.  Travel, outside play, day trips, and of course- what to do when you are stuck inside on blistering hot or rainy days.

Here are some of our current favorites.


The Nerf Action Camera  is perfect for documenting all your child’s favorite summer activities (while keeping their little hands off your own camera and phone).  With a colorful Nerf-inspired design, it is easy to spot and can take a tumble. While it is made for kids, it’s high quality (and nicer then my first few “grown up” cameras were).  Your kids can see what they shot or line it up with a 1.8 TFT preview screen, comes with 5.1 mega pixels for great photos, and 720p HD video capabilities so they can take recordings as well. That always keeps them occupied (and laughing). My favorite thing is that it is waterproof, so it is not only safe in mishaps, but also for pool, waterpark, and beach fun.  And the price is right as well- available at for $50.


Taking a long trip? Be it a plane, train, or automobile, your kids will love the new Kurio Xtreme 2.  The newest in the Kurio line, it is also the safest, most full-featured Android tablet built especially for kids (*according to website). Of course, it is great for use at home as well, and can keep kids off your tablet and occupied with their own. It comes with 60 apps  like Fruit Ninja and Subway Surfers, as well as more active body-controlled Kurio Motion games. Kids can also read e-books, take photos or shoot video, and watch movies.  It also connects to the Google Play Store, but requires parent permission. There are a TON of free parent controls, and the tablet comes with a free lifetime subscription to “Kurio’s best-in-class parental controls and their comprehensive Kurio Genius internet filtering system” (as per Kurio).  It can take a minute to set up- best to charge it and do while the kids are in bed so they don’t drive you insane.  This sturdy tablet is made tough, and has bumper and screen protector included, as well as a kickstand.  If you need help with setup, Kurio techs are available 24 hours a day, and can even take over the tablet for you to fix what ails it.   Grab yours for $100 at


Stuck inside?  If your kids are like mine, they love the newly released movie Zootopia.  The playsets have been a huge hit over here, and we have spent hours playing with them.  They also travel well (there are 3 characters in my purse right now) and are good for busting boredom at restaurants and the like while you wait. You can find plush, figure sets, vehicle sets, and more- let your child choose what they love best. There are several vehicle sets to choose from, from Nick and his convertible to Judy and her Police Cruiser (that has been a huge hit, it even has a little jail cell in the back). Character figure sets come in two packs, three packs, and larger- you will save money if you just get the large pack, honestly.  (If you are going to end up getting more then 2 sets, just get the big one!)  The plush come in talking and non talking, and two sizes.  There are choices for all your little fans- and you will end up playing as well.  It’s a cute movie, the toys don’t disappoint. Prices vary.


The big hit of the season has been Budsies.  The absolute cutest stuffed things in the world (yes, just according to me).  Your child draws a photo of what they would like to crate, uploads it to the website, and then stuffed animal version is mailed home to you in a few weeks.  Along the way, you get emails telling you and your child about your little creation’s progress, giving you updates, and letting you know how your Budsies is progressing.  Those are adorable as well, little progress reports.  It’s so creative, and fun for the kids to see a real life version of what they imagined. My son was thrilled beyond my expectation when his Budsies arrived, a polar bear with a rainbow sweater he drew.  It takes a while before it arrives, but the anticipation likely makes it that much more fun. This is a wonderful gift, project, or memento for any child, and will be a toy you never give away or get rid of.  It’s a treasured keepsake for all times. You can also choose a “Selfie”, which is made in the likeness of anyone you choose, and is a great gift for people in the armed services.

Get yours here No one will ever forget this gift.


  1. Maryann D. says

    These are super toys. My son would have loved The Nerf Action Camera. He was very into toys like that when he was younger.

  2. I love all these toys but I really like budsies, I think it’s awesome that you can make a stuffed animal from your drawings could you imagine how many stuffed elephants that I would have around the house. lol

  3. Janet W. says

    Budsies is adorable! I’ve never heard of it before.

  4. those toys are so cool
    i especially like the budsies plush.
    i would make the coolest clown koala ever!

  5. These would be great for summer road trips. Use the tablet on the ride and capture family fun with the camera.

  6. Those look adorable, my kids would like them

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